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4/10/14 10:07 P

I do yoga moves to limber my hips up. Pigeon, runners lunge, etc there is a video for those moves here on spark; the link for some yoga poses for hips is
trengthen_and_stretch. Here's a link to a video on stretching your legs.
-detail.asp?video=93 Hope this helps!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/10/14 7:07 P

Thanks everyone. Maybe I will substitute lunges for my quads, and try some beginner yoga classes. I do free weight leg presses, and used tp do 900 lbs back in my 20;s with no problems, but got a hernia doing a 545 lb. deadlift, so it has been a while since I did any exercise using abs, or drawing knees to chest. I had hernia repaired in 2006 after 8 years of living with it, and along with two ICD operations, had limited exercise for years as I focused on my heart issues/recovering from surgeries. I have been walking for years as exercise, but just recently started sprinting part of the way ( 5-10 mins. ), and got a membership to a gym.

My goals have changed, and I lift a lot lighter, but want to work the major body parts, and was surprised that I don't bend like I used to. emoticon I have worked through shoulder stiffness with laterals to front, side, and back, but the hips are a bigger problem. Lunges sound easier because I will remain standing. Yoga sounds terrifying. My worst nightmare.

emoticon emoticon

4/9/14 7:27 P

Stretching or foam rolling your hip flexors will help. Walking and strength exercises like leg press have a tendency to tighten them up. Yoga is great for stretching, things like deep lunges are good.

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4/9/14 7:19 P

Are you doing leg work with free weights or machines? If with machines, I'd switch to bodyweight/free weight leg days for a while. Even just doing squats and dead lifts without weight is a good way to stretch out the hip flexors. Maybe adding a bit of a dynamic stretching before ST would help loosen up the legs?

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/9/14 4:33 P

Maybe it is due to being 40, but I find that trying to do leg presses makes my hips " tight ", like they aren't bending right at the socket. My range of motion is limited, and I don't feel comfortable. Wondering what would help get past this, so I can resume leg training, which I find myself unable to do currently, so focusing on the upper body. I do walk 45-60 minutes every day, but do upper body weight training on Wed., Fri., and Sun. My goal was to make one day a leg day.

I need to increase flexibility first though. Any thoughts/ideas?

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