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ANJABELLE1 SparkPoints: (3,267)
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9/28/11 12:46 P

Oh, and it's definitely more beneficial to buy whole flax seeds and grind them yourself. Just get a cheapo coffee grinder and designate it as your seed grinder. Once it's been ground, it starts to lose some of its nutritional value as the oil dries up, so it is better to grind it right before you eat it.

WIXNWAX Posts: 4,120
9/28/11 12:45 P

I use the ground milled flax seed in all kinds of different things and never had a problem with taste or texture!

ANJABELLE1 SparkPoints: (3,267)
Fitness Minutes: (2,909)
Posts: 55
9/28/11 12:42 P

I personally find the taste a little off-putting. I do add ground flax to smoothies with no problems. I guess all the fruit is enough to mask the flax flavor. I don't like it in oatmeal, but I eat plain oatmeal, so there's nothing to hide the flax. I've never tried it in a sauce before, but I think as long as the other flavors are stronger than the flax, it should be fine.

MAMAE73 Posts: 30
9/27/11 1:34 P

I use and buy ground flaxseed from my local grocery store. I add it to my morning oatmeal, meat sauces, salads, you name it. Never detect a different or "off" taste with it in the mix.

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,518
9/27/11 9:19 A

Remember you need to grind it to get any benefit from it.

It will be crunchy, maybe not the best thing to have in sauce.

9/26/11 6:35 P

No, not at all.
The texture would be affected of course.

GNOCCHIBEAR SparkPoints: (11,278)
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9/26/11 5:39 P

I'm thinking about putting a tablespoon or two of flaxseed in my spaghetti sauce tonight but am worried about the taste. I've only used flaxseed in oatmeal. Do you think the taste of flaxseed will be detected?


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