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2/3/13 12:39 A

Everybody works their life differently, but it says on SparkPeople to NOT log your fitness minutes on Spark if you're syncing your FitBit. When they sync, there is a FitBit entry on Spark and if you enter on Spark, it gives you double exercise, so not accurate.

For me, I found that the way the FitBit dealt with steps walked, specifically converting ALL STEPS into calories burned, it made it impossible for me to determine my actual CARDIO minutes. It didn't separate them out. I'm into tracking my cardio specifically, so I unsynced the two. I use FitBit for steps, stairs, overall motivation and sleep monitoring, but I use SparkPeople for tracking nutrition and fitness.

Works well for me and both places have their specific things for me. Hope this helps!

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2/2/13 7:19 P


You may want to post this on the SparkPeople Fitbit team to see if the members there can help you out. Below is a link to the team.

Coach Nancy

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2/2/13 6:48 P

for those that have this, do you log both places for like your workouts? Are they the same or different? I disconnected the connection to SP cause I didn't want to go over. Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks.

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