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10/6/11 11:52 P

I agree with the lack of display I use a USB pedometer it has a site equal to sparkspeoples fitness minutes and I can get other people I know in on a challenge or find strangers on the internet to do it with..
I like the 30 day memory and the fact is doesn't cost a arm and a leg like some of the newer technology..
I have been doing this journey 9 years and gone through 6 decent pedometers- they get old, they get shell shocked and usually go unrealiable needing replacement.. I also don't like clip on devices- wanna kill a device fast drop it a few times- doesn't matter what brand they all die at some point..

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10/6/11 10:10 P

Your message came through right as I was about to click "purchase!" on the fitbit :-) I've been looking at these for over two years and have researched all of the reviews and other brands (Nike+, Polar, Garmin....seems all of theirs are Heart Rate monitors, I LOVE mine, FR60, it's purple, but you have to wear a strap). I wanted to get Polar at first when I was looking for my heart rate monitor but I strayed away from it because I kept reading that when the batter goes out you have to ship the watch in to the manufacturer to have it changed. My Garmin went out after about a year - luckily I was able to run to Walgreen's & get a battery & was back in business.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead & get the Fitbit!

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10/6/11 9:58 P

hmm...maybe the fitbit does have a display. I just looked at their site and apparently it lights up with the information. I'm assuming you cycle through the display by pressing a button.

The fitbit and polar are about the same price. I think both have online support (though the polar probably has to have the docking station purchased separately; it's about $50). There is a review about the fit bit that says it can't handle sweat while the polar is water resistant.

Personally I'm thinking about the polar because it's a well known brand that I know will be around for a while and has a reputation for durability. But it will cost more if I decide a docking station is needed. But I've also heard good reviews of the fitbit on at least one fitness podcast that I listen to (I guess just don't clip it on anywhere that might expose it to sweat).

I also think I need a heart rate monitor and wish there was something like the fitbit/polar20 that also had a heart rate monitor option. I would have already bought the polar if it had come with a chest strap heart rate monitor (I think the reason it doesn't have a hrm is because polar will not release a non chest strap hrm because the wrist only are not as accurate).

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10/6/11 7:31 P


Thanks so much for your response! The fact that the fitbit has no display crossed my mind too, but I looked at it a little further & I think even though there's not a screen on it that you can scroll through & see your values for the day. I found one on after I posted this, and it actually looks like it does not have any kind of a display of values or the flower. Did you look at the version on their website directly?

I am going to check out that Polar watch. I read the reviews on Amazon on the fitbit & they were a bit mixed too so I am hesitant. I saw a lot of people complaining about customer service and the actual fitbit itself cracking.

I have a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor, the FR60, and I LOVE it. I wonder if they might also have something comparable.

Thanks again!!

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10/6/11 5:32 P

The thing I don't like about the fit bit is that it has no display; so there is nothing to prompt more movement on a lazy day.

I found something similar from polar...the polar 20 it's basically a watch version of the fit bit:

But it has really mixed reviews so if I do order it I'm getting it from so I don't have to worry about return/refunds.

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10/6/11 4:53 P


I would like to hear people's experiences with the fitbit. Do you like it? How long have you had it? Did you keep using it long-term? Would you recommend getting one? Did it help you with getting in more activity? I'm considering getting one and would like to hear your opinions.

Thanks in advance!

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