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2/14/13 8:47 P

I have run 13 marathons and several half-marathons. You need to establish a reasonable goal and train for that. Last year I ran 16-17 miles once a week for my long run, which guaranteed that I would at least reach that on marathon day before breaking down. I have run a few sub-4:00 marathons but I really believe that you need to be comfortable with your running pace, whatever that is. My goal this year will be 4:15 with few walking breaks. I run in "barefoot" shoes and would advise you to do a little research on footwear before making a purchase. I have reduced my running shoe expense significantly by going with this type of shoe.
My cardinal rules:
Nothing green 24 hours prior to a race.
Don't overeat the day before the marathon.
Carry Tums, Pepto, etc... Peppermint candies are a must! Carry in a Spibelt.
Don't overhydrate. People use water stops as an excuse to walk. 22-26 usually have water stops at every milemarker. A sloshing belly means trouble!
One more thing: research fluid intake prior to the start. I try to arrive at the start with an empty bladder and a bottle of Gatorade in my hand which I drink within 10 minutes of the start.
Nerves and too much water may necessitate a last minute dash to pee behind a bush or dumpster. Portable toilets may seem plentiful until just before the start.
Good luck!

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2/14/13 8:28 P

Hal Higdon is another great site for training plans.

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2/14/13 2:51 P

Find and follow a good training plan that gradually increases your mileage leading up to the half. has some good training plans. My wife followed the marathon plan before her first marathon and it went really well.

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2/14/13 2:27 P

there are quite a few beginner half marathon training programs free online. i usually look at a few and pick one that seems to fit my abilities. have fun!

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2/14/13 1:05 P

When I trained for my last half marathon, I used Hal Higdon's beginner half marathon training program, and it got me through without injury (and I ran a personal record on race day!). Just Google "Hal Higdon half marathon" and it should pop right up.

2/14/13 12:56 P

My hubby and i have decided to put our skills to the test and do the Rock n Roll half marathon in Seattle this June. I have about 130 days and really, i have no clue where to start. We are walkers and occasional runners. He had the most training since he was in the air force. I'm really scared that i don't have what it takes but at the same time I'm excited. Any positive help/hints/encouragement is welcomed. Normally, i could do 5 miles on a treadmill no problem but that was a few months ago and i find the 13 miles a little intimidating. Training tips and even fill on schedules that worked for others would be helpful. I'm just kind of lost on how to accomplish this goal.

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