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11/30/12 12:40 P

Moving is definitely a great workout. I moved all my things in September to where I'm living, and I was sore for a couple days afterwards. Just be sure to keep moving to keep your heart rate going (ie don't move a box, then stop and unpack it, just move all the boxes at one time.). It may not be something you can track very easily but it's still very active.

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11/30/12 8:29 A

I know this group doesn't generally like to use daily activities in place of exercise, but I found moving to be a workout in itself! All the climbing stairs, packing, carrying boxes, unpacking, running around putting things in their new places. I would purposely carry one item at a time from the house to the car, and the car to the apartment, just to get more steps in. I did find myself talking daily walks to explore the new neighborhood, too.

Just relax, and do what you can, but don't stress about exercise tooooo much. The stress from exams and moving can be more than enough! I'm sure even if you skip a few days you'll be right back at it once you're settled in.

Good luck!

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11/30/12 7:36 A

You may find some tips and motivation in this article.

Arm Yourself Against Exercise Excuses
Winning the Fight Against Yourself

Good luck with your exams and your move.

Coach Tanya

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11/29/12 8:51 P

i have final exams in 2 weeks and fixing to pack up the house and move. lots of stress around here. how do i stay motivated and make myself move more? all i want to do is eat and drink water and having trouble exercisong. my clothes are getting tight again. please help

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