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NIRERIN Posts: 14,276
12/11/12 8:37 A

and now that your tracker is public:
-try finding a different brand of american cheese. i buy publix and it has [for a 3/4 oz slice] 70 cals and 5 g fat and 4 g protein
- if you're eating three square meals a day, each meal needs to have about 20 g protein in it.
- a serving of protein/meat is 3-4 oz. a big reason why you aren't getting enough is that your standard breakfast has little, and you don't seem to be eating more than half a serving at a meal. two half servings of protein equal a single serving and you should be aiming for 2-3 per day.
-the biscuits and cornbread need to be cut down. i love bread, but three corn muffins and a biscuit are too much for one day.
-perhaps try replacing the cornbread with your pork and beans concoction with polenta. it's cornmeal, you're not adding nearly as much fat and if you want to add fat you can add some cheese.
-also on the 9th, you have just over a Tablespoon [a Tablespoon would be .0625 cups and you have .08 cups] of two different soups tracked for dinner. and pork and beans you have just over half a Tablespoon tracked. i'm not sure if this is just a measuring or entering error, but if it is not, i am absolutely curious as to what meal uses 1/6 a cup of liquid, less than an ounce of ground beef, and three corn muffins.
- i would say you need to add some grains to your diet. 100 cals is going to add no fat and about 3.5 grams of protein. put that with your veggies and you should be able to cut back on the muffins
-1.3 cups of ice cream just isn't feasible when you are eating that few calories. those calories need to be going to things that will actually provide nutrients to your body, not empty calories. especially on days when you are already eating 200 cals of muffins.

CUTIEFUL024 Posts: 478
12/10/12 10:59 P

If you are eating clean sources of fats, proteins and carbs you will probably find that the macros will balance themselves out properly. The quality of your calories is important. What are your fat sources? Try for moderate servings sizing- 2 tbsp natural PB, 16 almonds, 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil for your fat intake versus anything processed

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,670)
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12/10/12 8:46 P

It looks like your fat isn't coming from the healthiest sources. Swap out the beef for chicken or another lean meat, try to avoid fast food and going out to eat because that's easily putting you over.

INAFFIT319 SparkPoints: (12,340)
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12/10/12 8:04 P

I've been having the same problem. NIRERIN...what a great solution! Thanks!

JCRAFT6 Posts: 739
12/10/12 7:24 P

thanks for the tip and I also changed my food tracker thing. I guess I thought is was available.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,859)
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12/10/12 8:37 A

What a great tip, NIRERIN.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,276
12/10/12 8:15 A

take a look at your tracker on the days when you are in your calorie range, but high in fat. look for the three biggest sources of fat in your diet. and eat less of those foods. and i don't mean skip it, i'm talking if you are eating a cup of something, cut back to 3/4 or 7/8 cup instead. if you're cooking in a Tablespoon of olive oil, cut back to one or two teaspoons.
you can also do the inverse of this with protein. look at the three biggest sources of protein that you are eating, and eat slightly larger portions. so if you were only having three ounces of chicken, have four or five instead. if you were having a cup of quinoa, have 1 and 1/4 or 1 and 1/8 cups instead.
individually all of those little tweaks are not going to look like much, but if you keep inching the fat down and the protein up, you'll meet in the middle where you were aiming for.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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12/10/12 8:01 A

I can't see your nutrition tracker. Maybe share it so we can help you better?

An easy way to look at it is; eat a complex carb, a healthy fat and a lean protein with every meal/snack.

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JCRAFT6 Posts: 739
12/10/12 7:32 A

I am having trouble balancing all my food. When I am in my calorie range I am high in fat. If i am in my fat range I am low in calories. I am usually low in protein most of the time. I guess I just haven't figured it out

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