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8/3/13 3:19 A

Here is a tip - DON'T DEPRIVE YOURSELF!!!

Deprivation leads to binging and falling off the wagon.

Instead, allow yourself the occasional treat. Here is another little tip I have learned, and it MOSTLY works:

Use a knife to cut out a chunk of ice-cream, and then stab it with a fork, and eat if off that. Put the rest of the Ice Cream away immediately - preferably under a heap of stuff so you are less likely to be bothered fishing through it to get more. If you have a freezer in a basement, that is a good place to keep it!


KITTYROXX Posts: 1,684
8/2/13 10:26 P

I agree with Lilliputianna - if vanilla ice cream is a food you absolutely love that much, you should make room in your life for it. Perhaps make it your Friday night treat or something like that?

8/2/13 1:38 P

You know, vanilla ice cream isn't BAD. Actually, I used to use it to boost my calories a bit when I wasn't quite making it into my caloric range for the day.

The trick is to know how much to eat. Learn what a serving looks like. Check out the calories and serving size on the container. You might be surprised!

Of course, when I did indulge in vanilla ice cream, I made sure it was GOOD vanilla ice cream. I didn't want to eat some crappy generic brand that was filled with high fructose corn syrup and nasty junk. So, I'd get a good, organic, locally made brand, with a very short ingredient list, that didn't have anything in it that I couldn't recognize. (No mystery chemicals, please.)

If vanilla ice cream is truly your favorite, make a place for it in your life, but like I said make sure you you eat a serving...not three servings (even though three servings would be awesome).

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
8/2/13 9:11 A

Wow! Good for you! You probably won't be able to stop every craving. I know I can't. You might, I'm not saying you can't, it is very hard. However, the key is that IF you do give in one day, don't worry about it! Dust yourself off and get back on the program right away! I have had bad days and good days, but I look at it like 1 bad day won't make me gain the weight just like 1 good day won't have me lose it. You have to string them together to get results (positive or negative!!!) What makes this time (I have tried to lose weight in the past and failed to keep it off because my attitude was wrong) anyway, what makes this time different is ME. I learned that everything in MODERATION is a great way to look at things. Certain foods trigger me to eat poorly, so I tend to avoid them as much as possible, but if I do, then I just try to get going my next meal or next day. That attitude helps me realize that this is forever, and I can do it!

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8/1/13 7:51 P

So my boyfriend is a thin ,tall guy that can basically eat whatever he wants. So when it comes to eating he is pretty supportive and encouraging BUT today while eating lunch he ate ice cream specifically vanilla ice cream my all time favorite. BUT because i thought of my calorie in take and goal i was able to fight my craving. I just hope that every time i have a craving i can fight it.

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