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SONYALEAR2012 SparkPoints: (4,960)
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7/21/13 11:32 A

What a true inspiration you are to so many of us that are fighting this same battle... emoticon

ETCH12 SparkPoints: (15,404)
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7/10/13 4:05 P

I was diagnosed with fibro a few years ago. I'm worried sick. I've had the most horrible headache since the weekend. My neck and low back feel like they are on fire. Sunday, I could barely get out of bed to do a short walk. Monday I had the worst sweat/workout I've ever had. I Walked around the neighborhood yesterday. Today still dragging, got some good exercise. I'm having a very difficult time going up stairs. I reach the top, and have to sit. I'm out of breath. Wiped out. I'm off all meds. This can't be happening. emoticon

7/6/13 5:11 P

I am so happy to hear that life does get better. Fibro has controlled my life lately. I was crippled because of it and spine issues. When I could walk again I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. On one off my bad days I used my wheelchair and flipped it. Ever since then I have been so sick. I lost all hope. I was fired from my job because the fog was so thick I couldn't think. I turned my back on my friends and family. I gave up my dreams. I gave up on life. I am trying to find my way back. I do have a question which will probably sound dumb. How do you know when it is a good fibro day? I am never not sick to my tummy or in pain. Do you just feel a little better or do you feel like your old self?

THETINLEYS SparkPoints: (274)
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5/21/13 9:46 P

I have FM and I am struggling to lose weight. Many stresses and many medications have put me way overweight. Of course cost to loose weight just adds to the pressure of being at a normal weight. I love the fact that this is a free site. I am sticking to a lot of yoga/pilates right now because stretching is good, but I heard the best thing is Zumba. I will be going as soon as money allows it. I love Zumba. Good luck to everyone

PLANETJAZZY SparkPoints: (724)
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5/9/13 4:04 P

My daughter bought I large ball you sit on, I didn't think I could balance with both my knees that have issues & the FM, but I can, you can do slow movements & bounces for hours if you want to all sitting down. my daughter uses it while she is on the computer (does the bounces or rocking in circles....

I hope this helps

BBOOP4 Posts: 3
4/9/13 8:06 P

That is great. I currently have an implanted pain stimulator in my spine and take many medications. I am trying to eat healthier, exercise as much as I can tolerate and slowly wean myself of some of this medicine. I feel better with each pound I lose and know getting off a lot of this medicine would improve my health. I have been using different natural oils and experimenting with what helps with my constant pain. I so want to be free of all the medicine and weight. My doctor tells me it will be long journey.

IMABLUESPRUCE SparkPoints: (150)
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4/6/13 7:43 P

Hi. I have fm/cfs and multiple other health problems that come along with it. I just started today and I'm going to want friends because I like to encourage people, but for now I think I'm the one who needs to be encouraged. Weight loss seems like it's so far out of reach right now, but I know if I don't stop gaining I'll be back at 220 before I know it.
Is there a generic shopping list on the SP site anywhere? That would be a good place to start.

ELISA3241 SparkPoints: (1,622)
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4/5/13 7:48 P

Hi - I too have fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed almost two years ago, but have had it for years longer, I am 43. I am happy for you that you are feeling better, that gives me hope. I was also diagnosed with diabetes - now I a trying to lose weight, get healthy - which is why I am here. I just signed up with spark, watched some tutorials but still trying to navigate - not computer literate. Is there a group through Spark for people with fibro? That is pretty impressive the exercise you do and the accomplishments you have made!!

HAPPYFREEME Posts: 1,875
3/7/13 1:12 P

I have fibromyalgia. Doctors estimate that it started when I was 2; I was diagnosed at 26. I am 44. Exercise is always difficult to start after I have had a break. The first 2 weeks always make me feel like I was in a horrible car crash. After the first 2 weeks, it gets easier and then I slowly increase the length and difficulty of my work outs.
Life has been so much better since I began eating better and exercising. I longer take any meds for pain or sleeping. I still have difficulty sleeping and endure pain, but it is somewhat manageable. Currently I go to the gym to do Zumba on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, do yoga on Monday and Wednesday, take salsa dancing lessons on Tuesday and Friday (sometimes on Sunday too), and swim on Thursday and Saturday. I occasionally go hiking or bike riding too. I avoid all white sugar and flour completely and eat a pescatarian diet that is nearly vegetarian. (I eat fish a few times a week.)
It has taken me years to get to this place! I've been on SP since 2008, when I made the choice to take myself off of all of the meds. I was on 2 meds for fibro (1 for sleep and 1 for pain) and 3 to 4 more for side effects. I discussed this decision with my doctors and they encouraged me to do so as long as I was eating healthy and exercising. I found SP and some other online resources that helped me too. Now the only meds I take are for asthma and allergies. I have not returned to the doctor for fibro since 2008.

SUNCRAVER Posts: 120
3/7/13 12:09 A

Ty Nancy

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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3/6/13 10:16 P

Hi Suncraver,

I see you are new to the SparkPeople family! Welcome aboard! If no one responds to your inquiry, you may want to join the Fighting Fibromyalgia SparKTeam (see link below) and see if anyone can help you out there.

I hope this helps and once again, WELCOME!

Coach Nancy

SUNCRAVER Posts: 120
3/6/13 10:11 P

Can any one help me find some exercise that I can do with fibro? They have to be indoors do to weather and the unable to go any where

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