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GRAMOF8 Posts: 9
6/20/11 7:28 P

thank you i will call my renal dr.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
6/20/11 3:00 P

Following a renal diet (formal renal dietitian here) is one of the toughest things and it has to be the first priority with meal planning and supplementation. Did the endo doc know you have stage 3 kidney disease? You will want to work with your renal dietitian to find the right balance of high fiber foods and low potassium foods since many overlap one another. Dried beans and dried fruits are great choices for higher fiber but bad choices for low potassium. So, please work with your renal dietitian to be sure you have the right balance - that is what they do and a specialists there to help you.

Coach Tanya

GRAMOF8 Posts: 9
6/20/11 8:46 A

I have 3rd stage kidney disease and iIwas found to have diverticulosis this past week, i thought i was getting enough fiber in my diet that was already adjusted for my kidney diet. I was told to take Benefiber,3 times a day. by the endoscopy dr. I thought these supplements were high in potassium , Is it safe to take ??thank you

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