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5/8/12 9:46 A

Stay focused on why you need to eat right and exercise like DIDS70 said.

PLAN - I can't stress this enough. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. For instance if you have a dinner out coming up, look up the restaurants menu and nutrion info online before you go and PLAN what you will eat. You'll find that when you take the time to plan your meals and work outs and prepare by having the ingredients you need on hand etc. that is is SO much easier to stay on track. Soon the things that tempt you now won't even sound good and exercising will give you more energy.

Good luck!! emoticon

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/8/12 9:39 A

Both of you need to determine why you are doing this. The reason has to be bigger than just yourself. As you have seen, doing it for you doesn't give you the right "umph" to succeed. I am not hear to lose weight. Everytime I try I fail, so I am here to get healthy and take the appropriate steps to get there. So if I "cheat" and have a piece of cake or sit on my butt for a day or two, I am not hurting my weightloss since I am NOT trying to lose weight.

I exercise to put oxygen in my body-- nothing more. THe side benefits of tightening and toning and losing weight are just that-- a side benefit. The more oxygen I feed my muscles the more fat I will burn.

I choose to eat healthy not to lose weight but to nourish my body with what it needs. (side benefit-- lose weight) My body is designed to heal itself without the help of prescription drugs or over the counter stuff. I can feed my body protein and enzymes and anything else it needs through what God has given us as food sources.

So really look within and determine what it is you want. Take deep breaths and tell yourself affirmations everyday.

There is a song by Garth Brooks that says tomorrow never comes. Keep that in mind when you say you will start tomorrow, because today may be your last.

APPLES81 Posts: 39
5/7/12 10:34 P

You asked exactly what was on my mind. I keep eating more than I know I should and say "I'll just start again tomorrow." I'm looking for the same tips!

SKITTLES131 Posts: 96
5/7/12 10:30 P

As I mentioned, I fell off the wagon. I didn't gain weight (luckily), but I also didn't lose any. I kind of put it all on hold. As I try to get re-motivated to start back up, I keep pushing it back. I feel like eating "bad" so I say oh I'll start tomorrow. Or next week. Any ideas to stop this and help get me started back up again? Thank you for any and all suggestions :)

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