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1/23/12 11:03 A

hi sergeant major,
I do different workouts. I also do intervals! :) I lost a significant amount of weight ten years ago, I just enjoy the longer workouts somedays. I think my mindset has kept me working longer, but It inst a stroll in the park. :) The longer workouts are spurts of difficult resistance, and speed.
I have heard of cortisol, Its strange, one is told burn more than you take in...
then you hear less is more... so many different ideas out there.
I do appreciate your input, I will keep this in mind!! thankyou.

1/19/12 12:24 P

Just a comment and suggestion not totally related to your question gut something I would like to share. I have no idea why you are doing 60 to 90 minutes of cardio per session. Are you training for an endurance event? Recent research has demonstrated some negative consequences as the result of long duration steady state cardio. It stresses the body which causes the body to produce cortisol a hormone which causes the body to retain fat.

I suggest that you change your cardio workouts to some form of interval training. The quality of a workout is more important than the quantity and exchanging intensity for duration produces better results .

1/19/12 9:54 A

you know, Ive tried a headband. I usually do an hour to an hour and a half... so I guess I will have to live with it!! lol
however I do love the idea of the no slip tape for campers!! I believe I will try to find some and see if that helps!
Im sorry your feet fall asleep, that must really get annoying!!

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1/18/12 9:26 P

My feet fall asleep in NO shoes, so that suggestion doesn't work for me. What about a head-band (sweat band) to help absorb some?

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1/17/12 3:14 P

Maybe you could put some of the anti-skid tape (like what they use on RV outdoor steps) on the foot pedals?

1/17/12 10:51 A

ah the dreaded foot falling asleep!! I've also dealt with that one too, I found lacing my shoes a bit loser really helps!
what my problem is, the foot pedals get wet, and when I'm going well, my foot will slide forward, I dont know if a biking clip would help.. the pedals are made of plastic, it is an octane elliptical. I wondered if a person could add what ever those things are called, that you can stick on the bottom of a bath tub, to keep from sliding?
I am putting a fan down in my workout room today, with high hopes of that helping! lol

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1/17/12 10:33 A

The Elipticles at our gym are basically made with 'steel toe' metal tray shoes. I have trouble with my feet falling asleep from pressing forward on the 'steel toe' feature, but never had slippage. Do you need to add a biking toe clip? Or change your posture to be more over your feet?

Sorry if I am missing the image...

1/17/12 10:10 A

long time lurker, first time posting...

I am one of those people who dont look super cute after my workout! lol
I have issues with sweat dripping onto the feet of my elliptical, *i do use a towell as well, but it dosent really help,* sometimes I will be going really well and suddenly Ill hear that dreaded squeak of my foot slipping on the foot pedel. It really is alarming...especially if you are going high resistance, or fast.

my question, is can a person add something to the foot pedal, like a traction possibly to keep this from happening? I do wear good shoes, I have retired running shoes for elliptical..
I tried to google this issue, and couldnt find anything at all on the subject.

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