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5/23/11 2:14 P

Parenting my three children was very difficult as I was a single mother,and had no support from any family member,especially during their teenage years,but I got through it with lots of prayers,love and communication.I think those three things still help today.

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5/22/11 1:56 P

My point of view is from first hand experience and observing others. My wife had smoked cigarettes for a long time. It was her miss guided feelings and emotions that got in her way. She got terribly sick one day, went to the hospital, was treated and told to stop smoking or else. during her smoking days she hadf a lot of reasons to light one up. She was defiant nad in denial She had many feelings and reasons to light one up. her late sister was the same defiant way but died at the age of 56.
Being a truck driver I made many deliveries to nursing homes. I wondered how many of those people had misguided feelings in their early years. Or how many of them could have avoided being there if only they had taken care of themselves. Of course the human race has feelings and emotions. But taking them the wrong way may lead to other problems
A few weeks ago I work about 12 hours drove over 500 miles and didn;t feel like going to the gym. I put those feelings aside and went anyway. My body thanked me the next day

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5/19/11 4:04 P

Why do I sometimes look good on the outside,but feel awful on the inside, especially when my husband tells me "you can never look like this or like that,those days are past,forget it.?"

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5/18/11 1:12 P

Feelings and emotions are not, in and of themselves, misguided. If you perceive them as such that is YOUR perception, which sounds as though it is somewhat biased in the first place...LOL

The sentence structure you use in your generalization would indicate that using misguided feelings and emotions somehow advances an individual, which I'm pretty sure is disingenuous to the point you are actually attempting to make.

Feelings and emotions are absolutely part of the human experience, and should not be discluded in the decision making or analytical process. Some of them are...wait for it.....LOGICAL ***gasp*** As a psych major I could easily keep debating minor semantics of this posted statement, and back up all of my points with credible sources, but I've had my share of laughs for the moment.

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5/18/11 8:17 A

emoticon parenting a teen is challenging, but worth it.

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5/17/11 11:19 A

I find this thread amusing...

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5/17/11 11:08 A

People are people not machines, emotions & feelings are part and parcel of the human experience. The trick is evaluating, excepting, and learning from those emotions not dismissing them.

Just my 2 cents emoticon

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5/16/11 12:03 A

I find that many use vague generalizations based on personal experience rather than using independently verifiable results from scientific studies to advance their own perceptions.

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5/15/11 2:08 P

I find that many use misguided feelings and emotions rather than using constructive logic and reasoning to advance themselves

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