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6/13/13 4:44 P

There's some good advice here already stated, so I'll try not to repeat that. But what helps me is to focus on the positive, not what I "can't" have. Indeed, we can have anything, but we have to be honest about it and track it. You can have anything you want, but perhaps not as much as you want, or all on the same day.

For me, once I had been doing this for a few weeks, I noticed that I truly felt better. I don't want to lose that feeling! I am getting stronger and have more energy than I used to, and I want to keep moving in the right direction. So I try to think about what I'm getting, not focus on what I used to eat but don't anymore. And I can honestly say that I've never felt sorry for myself or felt like this is hard work. It just takes time and a pattern of good choices.

Hang in there! You can do this!

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6/13/13 1:36 P

Maybe you need to have a "cheat day" now and then. Plan a day when you can eat what you want, without thinking about or logging calories, a day to rest and recharge. Have a day like that once a week, or once every two weeks.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
6/13/13 11:59 A

I don't know how you work, but I can tell you what successfully got me started, and that was not paying any attention to losing weight at all!

I don't do "goals", I'm more in to "demotivational" than "motivational", and telling me what to do inspires more rebellion than cooperation.... and yet, I'm losing weight at a slow and steady pace without the least desire to "cheat".

My intention has always been to get healthier. I am a serious food snob, so I had to actually learn to cook myself in order to have healthy choices that taste incredibly good. I sat myself down and figured out what are my "needs" and "wants" for my lifestyle, and came up with the following:

I need to meet the RDA every day for iron, folate, calcium, and sodium (yeah, I'm one of the odd ones who has a hard time getting enough sodium).

I need at least 35-45g of fibre every day for my body to be happy.

I need to be eating at least 6 or 7 times each day to feel my best.

I'm okay with a limited repertoire of breakfasts / lunches / snacks, but need to have a lot of variety in my dinners to satisfy that "food snob" thing.

I want to use fresh, whole ingredients as much as possible because that has serious impact on the flavours.

I need to have fun with this, or I will have no interest in continuing with it.

I want to pre-plan the majority of each day at least the night before, as I find that to be more relaxing than figuring out things at the last minute. It gives me time to make sure I have everything on hand that I need, and allows me to tailor what I'm doing to how much time I will have that day...BUT, I need to be comfortable in changing things up at the last minute because, well, life...

I need to have my partner enjoying this as much as I do.

I want to have something sweet every day, and I need to have an evening "ritual" that works for me (cocoa right before bed).

I started planning and tracking everything in December simply so that I would know what nutrients I was actually eating. I paid no attention to the calorie levels at all, as losing weight wasn't something that I was worrying about. According to the reports, my average intake at the time was around 2000 or so calories per day.

As time went on, I found that I was adding more and more veggies to each day in order to meet my nutrient requirements. I found myself playing around with flavourful sauces in order to add additional iron. I found that I needed and wanted less carbs, and more protein and fats. I found that my average intake was naturally dropping, because I simply was satisfied with less quantity of higher quality. This has been a very gradual thing, but my average daily intake now is around 1500 calories.

Focusing on nutrition, flavour, and fun has made this really easy for me. It hasn't given me any desire to "cheat" (who wants to "cheat" with stuff that doesn't taste as good?), and I'm really comfortable with the fact that all of the changes are ones that are now a natural fit in to the rest of my life.

I had my Mom and brother staying here for 5 days, and we all ate the way that I now normally do --- there were lots of "this is delicious" and "what's the recipe", and certainly no "oh, you're on a diet" comments. There was easily room for ice-cream cake and other treats for my Mom's birthday, with no guilt or worry since my nutrition was already complete.

You might find that changing your focus this way is what your brain needs in order to both want and seek the changes. Looking at the "flavour" and "fun" aspects are also ways that make it really easy to get your husband and kids on board with changing with you.

Sorry for being so wordy, but I hope that this gives you some ideas on other ways to approach things. Kudos for seeking a healthier lifestyle, and good luck on finding the best ways to make that work for you!

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6/13/13 11:15 A

I think a natural response to being told you can't eat something is to suddenly want it! Or if you really enjoy something you know is fattening you want to avoid it when you're trying to loose weight - so I think your response is common to someone on a diet.

But try to remind yourself that you're not "on a diet" - you're making a healthy lifestyle change! One thing I really like about the Sparkpeople method is that nothing is taboo.

If you can zero in on what exactly what you think you're giving up - you can work it into your diet in a way that won't sabotage your efforts.

With Sparkpeople - YES YOU CAN - should be your motto - not "no you can't" - Good Luck creating the NEW YOU!


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6/13/13 11:01 A

Are you really enjoying your food? I see a lot of people absolutely devouring their meals, and I wonder if they even tasted it at all. I know personally when I take a long time eating, I can savor the individual flavors and it seems like I've actually eaten more than I have. The longer you take to eat, the more opportunity your brain or stomach have to realize you're actually full, too.

Also, I preplan my day's meals. Sometimes I go ahead and log them in my tracker first thing in the morning. That prevents me from "cheating" -- I'm not sure why, but my brain won't let me "edit" those meals. :) Just a thought, but it might work for you!

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,299
6/13/13 11:00 A

Maybe get some quotes and post them on your fridge .... some that will inspire you

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. ~Author Unknown

A "cheat" IS GOOD FOR SOME PEOPLE WHILE OTHERS FALL BACK INTO UNHEALTHY EATING HABITS.........have A SMALL SNACK...If you are going to go over your calorie limit then choose a healthy food such as an apple, an orange, a pear, Wasabi peas provide a low fat snack, a hard boiled egg 74 calories, 3 cups of air popped popcorn.... no salt, no butter instead sprinkle with cinnamon....around 100 calories.

I don't remember where I got this quote by it helped me immensely

"What makes the difference between wishing and realizing our wishes? Lots of things, and it may take months or years for wish to come true, but it's far more likely to happen when you care so much about a wish that you'll do all you can to make it happen.”

Good luck and maybe tell your brain this is not a diet but a lifestyle change

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6/13/13 10:38 A

I get the steps I need to take to lose the weight. I know little steps will get me there and implementing them really isn't that difficult. But the thought of it makes me want to "cheat" and eat beyond my calorie range. How do I convince my brain that the change is ok.

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