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1/16/10 8:46 A

I have Greek yogurt almost daily as a snack between 9 and 10:30, depending on my work schedule (I eat breakfast around 7). It hasn't ever bothered me, but much doesn't (except when I was pg). I'm lactose intolerant as well, cheese bothers me but yogurt never has, so I doubt it's that. I would agree with those that said if you really want it, try eating it later in the day. If you do it as a snack, it should easily hold you until your next meal. Good Luck!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
1/16/10 8:39 A

some foods just aren't good empty stomach foods. you've identified the ones that affect you. so don't eat them first thing in the morning.
also if you aren't big on breakfast, that one is giant. stick to something like half a banana with a bit of peanut butter for right when you get up, and then eat your breakfast proper [the rest of what you're eating] at the very least after your walk. this will make breakfast much easier to handle, and [since i'm guessing you want to eat breakfast like a king] will keep your calories skewed more towards the earlier hours.
also, i'm pretty sure that yogurt, and i know that cheese are on the lower end of the lactose containing dairy.
it could also be that you are getting sick.

1/16/10 8:05 A

i actually dont eat the full fat version-
i only eat the 0% by chobani or fage or Oikos, usually flavored with honey or fruit preserves.

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1/16/10 1:06 A

I don't eat greek yogurt too often- I look at it as the lifestyle alternative choice to cream when everything less doesn't cover the thickness of cream..
My lifestyle concept I use in denmark has actually banned 10% because of the amount of fat in it and people eating their full ration in it not lossing weight.. We can now only use a max 7% product. My total milk ration is not to be of the whole total amount where possible. I usually use 1 cup of 1% skimmilk and the rest as 3.5 ounces in greek yogurt..
Call me greedy but I prefer 7 ounces of 0.1-1.5% natural yogurt it gives more value on the plate and less saturated fat and I still have my milk in the morning without problems..
My fat totals are always under sparks recommendations- but I just eat more minarine and have the past few months never had a attack of itchy hair base and my skin is improving- my youngest son and I have skin issues with ADHD- not only does it stump our growth but we can have elephant skin type conditions.. My son hates fat-but I have been efter him to eat more- his body needs the fat so I let him have greek yogurt so I shut my mouth and lump when he eats a large portion of it. He is going to Judo and walking long distance to see me, so is underweight for his age. He is really doing the exercise for 14 year so I don't give him restrictions...

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1/15/10 10:28 P

I do notice that I can tolerate dairy in the afternoon- my stomach is SO queasy in the morning, ALL the time! I could eat the same thing in the morning and at night with 2 totally different results.
It's a shame because greek yogurt has soo much protein/filling factor. Perhaps I'll have to limit it to afternoons only :(

HEEPER Posts: 1,000
1/15/10 10:24 P

Don't eat greek yogurt. Or try it in the afternoon and see if it still makes you feel yuck?

I mean, if you don't like it, or your body doesn't like it, why force it? Just try something else.

1/15/10 10:22 P

you guys!
i need some input here! :(

1/15/10 3:28 P

i've noticed lately that after I eat greek yogurt or full fat cheese (liek monterey jack, for example) i often feel nauseated and lose my appetite for the rest of the day.
i THOUGHT it was maybe lactose intolerance-but i didn't have the same problem with regular Stonyfiled Yogurt.
This morning, for example, i woke up STARVING. So i had 2/3 cup greek vanilla Oikos yogurt, 1 vitamuffin and 1/2 a banana drizzled with some peanut butter. I was okay at first, and then felt a little nauseated. Then I went for a walk, and i felt SICK! ALl morning (from 630 which is when I ate the yogurt) I felt not hungry and just not good, and I am still not all that hungry.
COuld this be from the greee yogurt? should i try lactaid pills?

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