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SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/9/13 5:36 P

From the above poster:

"The longer you stay down, the heavier your burden will be when you decide to pick yourself back up."

So get up tomorrow, do your workout. NO excuses. That alone might just give you the little bit of motivation you need. Come on, you know you can beat this.


STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
1/9/13 2:06 A

That's definitely a conundrum! Feeling down, or 'off', breeds the lack of desire to do what we know we should, then not doing it, makes us feel worse.
I've been on that crazy ride before, and the only way I personally got off of it was to just suck it up, realize that the longer I wait, the harder it'll be, and just go for a short walk. Usually, I'd walk just until the bad mood went away, and usually by the time that happened, I had walked an hour!

You can do it! I hope you get out of your slump!

RUNNING_MUM SparkPoints: (2,181)
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Posts: 15
1/9/13 12:55 A

I definately would reccommend a exercising buddy! My friend was a life saver many times when I felt like giving up!

PHAMS85 Posts: 213
1/8/13 10:53 P

Have you ever thought about joining a fitness class? I feel like it makes you feel accountable especially if you have a friend that goes with you. If you carpool, then it is even harder to skip out on the exercise! emoticon

Also, I sometimes get the winter blues and find hard to be motivated. I love to go running outdoors but due to cold temps & sometimes icy pavement, I just don't want to go out there.

Another idea, try something new. Something new can be exciting and invigorating. Maybe it is not just the exercise, try a new healthy food. If you are eating right, maybe it will help you feel better as well.

SNOWWHITEISME SparkPoints: (993)
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Posts: 1
1/8/13 9:21 P

Do you have a dog? If so just take it for a jog everyday. Will sure to brighten your mood. Or if you have a little kid dance around the house with him/ her. Or turn on your fave music when working out. Or just try to think about your goal. When I cant work out I force myself to do it and if I do it for 5 days out of the week I reward my self with a little treat(like Chinese take out) and if Im able to work out for 5 days for everyweek in the month I get a big reward for the end of the month. Thats what I trying to do anyways and if you still feel don after a week or to talking to your doctor or some is a good idea. I hope this helps!

AKRAEMER21 SparkPoints: (912)
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1/8/13 9:15 P

I cant seem to workout like i cant get out of bed and do it... Lately I been feeling on the downside and feel worse when I don't work out What would you do in that situation?

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