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SROBINSON221 Posts: 11
7/16/12 10:36 P

hi there thank you for your advice, i have no idea how many calories i was eating be4 but am now eating with in the range it tells me to on here, i have cut back on suger and had cut out caffein but had a coffee today as a 5.30am start with 2 one year olds a 2 year old and a 5 year old was to much to handle with out my coffee,i dont live in the us i live in new zealand so its diffently not the heat its very cold here maybe i just hav the flu

BETHS60 Posts: 570
7/16/12 3:17 P

I also heard from a nurse about someone who showed up to the emergency room, feeling weird, because she had traded soft drinks for huge amounts of artificially sweetened iced tea. I don't remember which sweetener it was, but if you have suddenly made a change of this sort, it's something to look at.

Other than that, I agree with everyone else. Get SparkPeople to tell you a good calorie range for you, and don't go below that. Try to track your food intake. There have been several times that I have been shocked at how much or little I have actually eaten compared to what I thought I had been eating.

Another thing to look out for if you are in one of those really hot areas of the country is ozone action days. The air may be making you feel bad.

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7/16/12 9:45 A


How drastically did your cut your calories ? It could be that you don't feel well because you haven't eaten enough these past three days. Have you filled out the Spark nutrition profile ? If not, you should start there. Let the Spark software set a calorie range for you. then try to stay within that range. Remember, eating too little can hinder a person's weight loss, not help it. I know this is going to sound strange, but a person has to eat in order to lose weight. the quality of the food you eat has a big impact not only your health, but your weight too. Weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle.

Also, it has been extremely hot across much of the United States. Are you drinking enough water ? even if you think you're drinking enough, in this heat dehydration can cause a person to feel sick. so, do make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

Did you cut out caffeine or sugar ? If you went cold turkey on certain drinks or food items, you could be experiencing with drawl symptoms. that's possible. When I quit caffeine, I had the worst headaches.

And zorbie brings up a good point, if you were eating 3,000 calories a day and cut it to 1200, your body is wondering where that other 1,800 calories is. food = energy and no food = no energy. knowing what your body needs for fuel is a life long learning process.

These are just guesses because we just don't know anything about you. The more you can tell us about yourself, the better we can answer your question.

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7/16/12 5:06 A

are you tracking your food? what is your spark range and are you eating in it? If you were eating, say 4000 calories a day and you suddenly reduced to 1500, then of course you are going to feel bad. Don't think about cutting calories, think about adding healthy items (veggies, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats) to your meals.

SROBINSON221 Posts: 11
7/16/12 4:09 A

i have just started to reduce my caliore in take 3 days now and i feel weird heady sick kinda spacey anyone no if maybe i have not eaten enough i would say i was ove eating pretty bad b4.i dont feel hungey but have been fulling up with water

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