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9/1/13 10:06 A

I used to have blood sugar problems that would make me feel bad and sometimes even physically ill. What has helped me is limiting my sugars and high glycemic carbs while eating more fats. It has made a world of difference to my energy levels.

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9/1/13 12:26 A

What does your breakfast and lunch look like? If you are not eating enough calories or if you have lack of balance with nutrients it can lead to low energy in the afternoon. Some people do better eating every few hours and an afternoon snack helps. I would pick a combo of nutrients such as an apple and yogurt to keep your blood sugar level.

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8/31/13 9:02 A

You may be hypoglycemic ......If you wait more than four hours to eat your blood glucose drops, and so do your energy levels...Timed snacks give your body steady supply of fuel.

A certain amount of fat is essential, particularly if you suffer from low blood sugar....eggs, cheese and whole milk....

It may be time to get a check up with a Endocrinologist who specializes in metabolic disorders. They will be able to access if you are diabetic or hypoglycemic or if it's your thyroid...Don't wait.... diabetes can be silent and if not taken care of it can affect your heart and other don't want to pass out at the wrong time if your hypoglycemic.

Please consult a medical professional for individual need to see a doctor....

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8/30/13 6:19 P

I recommend eating more chicken to boost dopamine levels and keep BS levels steady.

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8/30/13 4:00 P

Eat a piece of fruit. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/30/13 3:31 P

Instead of looking for ideas of what to eat when you feel this way, how about looking for the source of why you're feeling this way.

I used to ALWAYS get a funny feeling in the late-afternoon/pre-dinner time slot, that I would have described as "hunger" and that I could make go away by eating a snack - particularly something sugary/carby. It wouldn't matter if I'd consumed 3000 calories at lunch, I'd still get that terrible feeling.I don't get it anymore. Turns out it wasn't "hunger" or "low energy" that I had been experiencing, it was more of a crashing-down after eating WAY too many carbs (most of them being junky-refined carbs like cookies or fries, not complex-sustaining carbs like veggies and fruit). I rearranged my eating patterns to increase the ratio of protein and decrease the carbs (to match up with Spark suggested levels, not "low carb"). I ditched the "junk" carbs entirely. And lo and behold... I no longer need to look for a pick-me-up sugary snack, because I just never feel that way anymore. THANK HEAVENS. I hated that feeling, and my body's response to it ("suck down everything in your path until you feel better") was not good for my health, weight or mindset.

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8/30/13 6:08 A

I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker to see if there were any clues, but alas, you don't really use it, apart from a few entries.

I think that if you start to use it for EVERYTHING you eat and drink, you might discover the cause of your problem. Sometimes it is because meals are skipped; sometimes it is because you aren't eating enough protein and/or wholesome carbs from wholegrains, fruit/veges.

Often it is your body telling you that you aren't eating enough to sustain it for what you do.

Also, don't overlook your state of health. If improving diet doesn't help, then make an appointment with your Dr and get a check. Sometimes things like Diabetes can cause this sort of problem.

I hope that you find the problem, because then you can find a solution.

Good luck,

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8/30/13 5:04 A

Eating junk food does not help your emotional state, period. Go do something, take a bath, take a nap, talk to a friend, go shopping, go exercise...there are hundreds of things more productive to cheering you up than eating junk.

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8/30/13 4:39 A

so every afternoon i feel low and sugar helps, an orange juice or hot chocolate or a jam sandwich, anything sugary

what do you eat when you feel low and mind cravy something energetic and sugary

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