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9/25/13 7:01 P

Alorta - I am not replacing bile acids or taking bile salts, I am taking digestive enzymes, which is different. Here is a link that describes the difference between the two much better than I ever could
However, I probably would take bile salts if I could find them and thought that they would make my stomach feel better.

I am hoping that on my next visit to my primary that I will be leaving with a referral to a GI to check and see if I have Crohn's Disease, since my sister who is 33 was recently diagnosed with advanced CD and is currently undergoing very aggressive treatment of remicade.
All my blood tests have been coming back within normal ranges (for everything) and aside from the obvious my physicals have been pretty normal too.

Both my primary and my cardiologist know about all my symptoms.

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9/25/13 11:08 A

sorry to hear about this. it is best to ask a doctor.

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9/25/13 10:52 A

sorry, the 'digestive enzyms' bit threw me.
Also, I stick to what I've said reg. the need of replacing bile acids.... the liver should usually compensate after a while without the need to eat them for most people, but I'll not push the matter. I don't know enough about your complete condition to speculate. I can tell you that everyone I knew who's had their gallbladder removed (aunt, grandma, couple other family friends) never needed them, and after a stint of having to restrict their diet now eat normally, which is why I find it odd that a person of your age would require them unless there are issues with your liver you might not be aware of.
I don't want to contradict your other sources (I'm sure you've researched plenty on this subject), but I don't think you should need the bile unless you're either not eating enough fats to make them or that there's something more going on that you should probably look into sooner rather than later.

I noticed in your reply to Rleegirl that you've only seen a dietitian as far as digestive problems are concerned. I would suggest maybe seeing your primary to refer you to a GI specialist, run some blood tests to rule out liver issues and maybe perform a full physical if that's something your insurance covers.
It sounds like you have a slew of unrelated symptoms which by all means shouldn't be in a girl your age. Make sure *one* doctor knows about all of them so that maybe s/he can connect the dots.

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9/25/13 10:28 A

Sorry to vent on you ladies this morning, I just weighed myself for some stupid reason and felt like crying/venting.
Alorta - Supplementing with enzymes is something I read on (multiple) gall bladder removal forums and a dietician. Because the gall bladder is no longer there to concentrate and store the bile there are a lot of foods that the body can no longer digest and the enzymes help break the food down so that the little bit of bile that does trickle down from the liver is able to break down the food more completely and in a shorter period of time.
Also, my doctors were able to determine that my gall bladder wasn't (really) working through an ultrasound and the HIDA scan, which shows how well the gall bladder is able to eject (release) the bile into the intestines. My HIDA scan showed an ejection fraction of 8% (most ER gall bladder removal cases that aren't stuck in the tube have an ejection fraction of over 35%).
Here's a link about what a HIDA scan is/does

And yes, I have been telling my doctors this, they're just as stumped as I am. Currently the only exercise my primary wants me to do is swimming, but my cardiologist says without a heart expert on site I should not be doing much more than walking.

Rleegirl - A second opinion for which issue?
I've seen 3 heart specialists, had an angiogram, ecchocardiogram, 2 ekgs, and a nuclear stress test (via lexi scan). Next week I go back in for an exercise stress test, even though my primary doesn't want me using my knee much.
On my knee I've had an ultrasound, an xray and an MRI, currently looking into ways of reducing the cyst without further injuring my meniscus... and of course that my insurance will cover.
My digestive issues... insurance only paid for 2 visits with the dietician who, aside from suggesting enzymes, didn't tell me to do anything different with the type of diet I've been eating for years: low fat/oil foods, very few refined/processed foods, mostly fresh fruits/vegetables and select grains with the occasional animal protein added in for balance.

I'm honestly lost on what else I should be doing. emoticon

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9/25/13 9:44 A

def get a second opinion

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9/25/13 9:40 A

Sorry to hear all this, though I'm not sure how the doctors decided your gall bladder wasn't working. Its doesn't really produce anything; it only stores what the liver produces to increase the supply of bile acids... and from my understanding most people who have it removed don't need to supplement anything; their liver just produces more.
Digestive Enzymes are from the pancreas (mostly), so does that mean your pancreas isn't working?
Most importantly, are you telling this stuff to a doctor, not a bunch of people who can't really help since we're not qualified to speak on your complex medical conditions... nor would any doctor without doing a full history and physical with you.
There are options to lose weight, but if you're still ~170lbs it sounds like you have more serious issues to fix first... 170 isn't so high that you're facing a multitude of increased risks due to weight.
Again, you need to speak with a doctor (who may very well decide you aren't allowed to work out/ attempt to lose weight)

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9/25/13 9:00 A

I got my gall bladder taken out Halloween 2012 after years of complaining about stomach pain and discomfort my doctors did a HIDA scan and found out that my gall bladder was functioning at only 8%, I didn't have stones, but I also didn't have a working gall bladder. I honestly thought that the removal of my gall bladder would be my magic ticket to no longer having a painful gassy stomach 24/7, however, my dream did not live up to reality. My stomach still hurts most days, I'm still gassy, food that doesn't "hurt" my stomach initially feels like it takes forever to digest.
I have added digestive enzymes to my diet in an attempt to help me eat more often because without them I was having a hard time eating more than 900 calories, a day. My issue with the digestive enzymes is that sometimes they cause my stomach to hurt more than my "off limit" foods, yet they allow me to eat more meals. Such as today, I had enzymes with breakfast which allowed me just enough room to almost eat a whole sandwich (nut butter with fresh jam) six hours later, the enzymes I took at lunch allowed me to eat 3oz of meat at dinner nine hours after lunch, barely 1200 calories for the day, my resting metabolic rate is 2532. I'm literally gaining weight while starving to death yet have been forcing myself to eat until I feel like I'm going to puke from being "over full."

On top of that, which in its self is a lot, I can't exercise much, if at all, due to other health issues. It feels like every time I start to "get" this weight loss thing, my body decides something is going to break down: in 2010 I had to have cysts removed from my tubes and my uterus removed due to tumors, in 2011 I broke my foot while training for a marathon, and in 2012 they had to remove my tubes and my gall bladder.
Then to rub it all in, when training for a marathon in February I tore my meniscus and now have a very painful cyst where it healed. And if that wasn't enough, I started this month out with a great week long stay at the hospital while the doctors tried to figure out "why a otherwise healthy 29 yr old female is having abnormal EKGs." The current theory that they are testing is that I am either having Esophageal Spasms (a form of GERD) or Coronary Artery Spasms (a form of heart attack). I am NOT to break more than a light sweat until more testing has been done lest I go into cardiac arrest, I am NOT to do any activity that could further injure my knee until they figure out their best course of action to "fix" my cysts.

So I can't cut calories because they're already too low, I can't really exercise, and I'm gaining weight. Can I just cry now? emoticon

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