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1/11/14 1:28 P

On the days where you are only eating 13-14g of fat a day are you in your SP range for fats? That seems very low to me. My question to you would be are you getting enough essential fatty acids every day? Omega 3 is particularly important for preventing inflammation.

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1/11/14 11:55 A

Perhaps your son is thinking of his own diet choices. However: what is the difference between you and your son? Rather, what are the many differences between you and your son? Gender, height, weight, hormones, level of physical activity, age, stage of life (premenopause, menopause, post-menopause), medical history?

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1/11/14 11:50 A

Are you getting healthy fats? How much daily protein?

A diet too low in fat and protein can take months for effects to show.

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1/11/14 11:44 A

If it's working, don't fix it. It ain't broken.

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i was just showing my son my sparkpage and he said that im eating too many carbs and not enough fat and protien still losing weight so i dont see a problem....i dont eat bread or potatoes and nothing processed or packaged i do eat rice and pasta but not too much..i eat chicken and steak,some fish and lots of veg ive even cut down on fruit .never drink fruit juice only tea,coffee and water.i eat a hand ful of nuts and seeds every day and feel great....i also poledance .belly dance and practise aerial hoop occasionally use my rowing machine .

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