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1/20/13 7:56 P


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1/20/13 12:44 P

Yes, if you are still waiting for Santa Claus at Christmas and the tooth fairy to show!

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1/20/13 12:15 P

You can affect the preference of fat over muscle a bit. The most important thing is protein and keeping that intake up during hypo, iso and hyper caloric intake. So if you're cutting, you still want to keep the pro around 1g/lb/day.

Of course, don't take my word for it. Here are some research items for you to consider and form your own conclusion.

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1/20/13 11:05 A

DADDYNARD - there is no way to ensure that fat is what you're losing. You can't choose where and what you lose from your body. If you are losing weight, you're certainly losing fat, but you will also be losing muscle and fluid at the same time.

You can minimize the muscle loss by including adequate strength training in your program; if you haven't started, it's time to! As much as 25% of your weight loss can be muscle if you're not strength training.

As for your stomach... that will come off when it comes off. Fat loss is a total-body process driven by genetics, more than the specific exercises you will do.

Have patience, you'll get there!

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1/20/13 11:01 A

For anyone interested,

You can go to my Blog and read 2 entries on Supplements and another on Fad Diets.

If you like them, tell your friends.

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1/20/13 10:41 A

Thanks everyone for replying to my thread. I am eating healthy, with one cheat meal per week. I work out 3-4 x per week with one day being high intensity cardio. Although I am losing weight, I want to ensure myself that it is fat that im losing. I guess i'm being a little overly anxious and ready to see results especially in the stomach area.

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1/20/13 7:54 A

As a journalist, I take everything I read and hear with "a grain of salt" so I researched these wonder-drinks.

As with the fat-burning supplements, metabolic teas "contain ingredients shown to boost metabolism." It's all advertising. Lots of things, if taken in sufficient quantities, will boost your metabolism. Caffeine is the most common of these. When most advertisers say "boost your metabolism" they are often referring to increasing your heart rate. If you heart rate increases by one beat per minute, your metabolism has increased. This is not necessarily a good thing, nor is it really of any benefit to you in either the short term or the long term.

So, I guess the lesson here is learn to read between the lines and do your research BEFORE putting anything into your body.

I hope this helps.

Jonny Mac

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1/20/13 4:01 A

anyone try the 'metabolism boosting' teas?

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1/19/13 10:13 P

I totally agree with you.

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1/19/13 4:11 P

Spark people is the best fat burner on the market. Eating a high protein, regular carb and fat diet with plenty of fluids is the best bet. There is no magic fat burner that safely works. I am a therapist and I know this is true!

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1/19/13 4:09 P

Nope, they don't work. Want a natural fat burning supplement? Build up your muscle mass. Muscle burns more energy than fat.

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1/19/13 3:51 P

Online Now  • ))
am scared to take fat burning pills and really do not believe that there work

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1/19/13 3:35 P

How often do you exercise within a week? Before beginning this diet were you active? If not then, I would wait to take "fat burners". They shouldn't be considered a "miracle" pill to lose weight. A couple of years ago I took Lipo 6, during a time when I plateau. It did help, but in conjuction with exercise, healthy eating. etc. I would also suggest looking within the ingredients of "Fat burners". Many are concentrated in caffeine, and supplements that can incorporated without taking a fat burner (such as amino acids as glutamine, tyrosine, B12 ect.). Also remember fat burners can only be taken for a certain period of time. You do run the risk of gaining weight after discontinued use.

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1/19/13 9:23 A

At 25%, the best thing you can do is eat less. Since fat is relatively abundant, the body will prefer fat. Supplements are useful in those with low body fat where "stubborn" fat is left and tough to mobilize. Even then, it's a crap shoot. Something like Ephedrine might help but that's largely because it's an appetite suppressant. Also, Ephedrine has known side effects that make it risky. I like the write up done here.

Personally, I have not taken it and don't plan on it.

Here are a list of fat burners. I think you'll find the evidence of effectiveness isn't anything to write home about, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

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1/19/13 12:06 A

I took a fat burner and the only thing it did was burn a hole in my wallet.

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1/18/13 10:54 P

Once again Coach Nancy hits it right on the head and steals my thunder.

All of these "fat burning" supplements are UNTESTED and UNPROVEN by the FDA. Why? Because none of them can past strict scientific testing. Many of them are nothing more than multivitamins with other substances like caffeine to increase heart rate.

So save your money. There are no shortcuts to a new healthy lifestyle.

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1/18/13 8:39 P

No way, save your money! There's zero proof that supplements like that actually work, and they could potentially be dangerous.

LEHIA13 Posts: 537
1/18/13 5:46 P

don't do it!! Just be patient. my sister saw the doctors oz. green tea pills. She was just about ready to order them and I stopped her. they are not related by the fda and god only knows what is actually in them pills besides caffeine.

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1/18/13 5:30 P


Save your money. Give it time. Remember supplements are not regulated by the FDA so that can basically make any claims they want as long as the claim does not state it will cure/treat an illness. In some cases these supplements can be very dangerous and do more harm than good.

Hang in there and trust that you are making progress.

Coach Nancy

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1/18/13 5:26 P

I been working out routinely for the past 2 weeks, should i take a fat burning supplement to speed up my fat burning process? Last time i check my body fat was over 25%

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