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4/6/12 10:18 A

Stay focused!

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4/6/12 8:33 A

As an Anglican, we fast twice a year, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. I'm thinking of fasting one day/week, and would like to hear from other people who have done this, and the results. My plan is to have only water, though with a little honey added if I start to get headaches.

JESSALYN1186 Posts: 78
3/29/12 8:39 A


There are studies showing the benefits of fasting if done safely. And eating every 3 hours doesn't work for everyone. Eating at the same time every day doesn't matter or even help when your body know what to expect you have to change it.

Cavemen didn't have access to food every three hours and they were not fat.

I've never done a liquid fast, just 24 hour fasts with water every so often. Good luck!

MARCIEFIT Posts: 724
7/31/11 10:29 A

Don't do it. Your body needs food about every 3 hours. If you're not eating for 9 hours every day, your body is going into "starvation" mode, holding onto everything it can, because it doesn't know when you're going to feed it next. You are no different than the early cave man in that regard.

Give your body a feeding schedule that it can rely on, and it will start burning the fuel you give it more evenly and efficiently because it will begin to trust you.

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7/30/11 7:05 P

I've been dieting/fasting from Sunday to Thursday the last 2 weeks
breakfast 400-500cals
--| oatmeal/almond milk/coffee/apple/yogurt |--

go to work for 9 hrs

dinner 250-600cals
--| rice/banana smoothie/water/crackers

Honestly I've been eating all morning all night today
but I've been preparing for this liquid fast for weeks.
What can/should I drink to avoid fatigue, stomach aches, etc to fast successfully?

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