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7/29/13 10:40 P

Yes, this is excellent information! Thank you so much.!! It really is a big help to me. Now I know I can train my abs harder with out any down side. I didn't realize it was so hard to bulk there but it does make sense.

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7/29/13 8:57 P

This is great information. emoticon

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7/29/13 8:56 P

This is great information. emoticon

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7/29/13 8:25 P

ETEH, do cardio to be healthy not to burn fat, do stength training and gain lean muscle to get stronger, feel better and have a better appearence, not to burn fat.. Eat at a deficit to get rid of that belly fat, it may take some time but it will vanish. Adding lean muscle and strength training will not burn fat, but additional lean muscle will permit you to eat a few more calories every day without gaining weight. And yes you can add lean muscle while eating at a deficit. You can outrun a bad diet! Eating a clean or healthy diet will not cause you to lose weight any faster than then eating bad, but it will make you healthier and feel better, the key to burning fat and losing weight isnt what you eat, its how much you eat. Eating at a deficit is the key regardless of if you eat salad or fast food.

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7/29/13 7:59 P

To add to Archimedes comments, it is difficult for anyone (man or woman) to add a lot of muscle mass while running a calorie deficit to lose weight, as the body tends to burn protein for energy, rather than creating new muscle tissue.

Also, fat is considerably bulkier than muscle. Take a look at the photo at
Bulk in the belly is because of fat stored there, not muscle.

In any event, the abs are a long thin sheet of muscle. Even if over a period of say 12 months, you were able to add 50% to your abdominal muscle mass, because it is a thin sheet, you aren't going to be adding noticeably to your waist measurement.

A strong core is important for posture and balance, and actually makes other forms of exercise easier. And as Archimedes said, strength training is a significant fat burner. You SHOULD definitely be including core exercises in your overall strength training program. Although it should be noted that burning fat is an all-body process, and core exercises won't specifically help you target body fat.

Your trainer is wrong in her concerns, and wrong in her advice on structuring an exercise program.


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7/29/13 1:19 P

thank you so much for the super helpful info. It makes a lot of sense. The odds that I am going to bulk up are very low. Also, like you said the more weight training I do the better it is for weight loss. My weight loss actually accelerated when I added more intese weight training. So, I therefore know from my own experience, that it works. Hopefully through diligence, hard work and discipline I will continue to see results. Thank you so much again for all of the support and info.

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7/29/13 12:21 P

Mostly fiction, but with a bit of fact.

Here's the thing, women do not pack on muscle the same way men do. that is a misconception. We don't bulk up if we strength train. We just don't have the same amount of lean. Men carry more lean muscle than women. Women do have a higher percentage of body fat. And that's perfectly normal.

the women you see on the covers of Oxygen, Women's Health, etc. That's not typical for a woman. I can't tell you how much work those women have to do to get their bodioes into that sort of shape for those covers. You don't want to neglect your core exercises because your trainer told you that it would cause your belly to extend if you don't lose that layer of fat. While that "might" happen with some women, that really isn't something that happens to the average female because once again, women don't carry the same amount of muscle that men do. Some do, but if you look at those women, it's because they happen to have a higher percentage of testostorone.

In order to truly lose body fat, a person has to watch what they eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In short, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. If you want to lose fat off your entire body, you have to be eat right and watch your portions.

Will doing more cardio speed up the process ? Not necessarily. Here's the catch 22 your trainer didn't tell you. If you increase the amount of exercise you do in order to increase your body's ability to burn calories, your appetite is going to increase in proportion to the amount of exercise. So, if you increase your cardio to burn more fat, don't be surprized if you find yourself craving more food. If you do more exercise, your body will need more food (energy) in order to have fuel to do your workouts.

Is your trainer wrong ? Your trainer's notions are out of date. Increasing cardio to burn fat is the old way of looking at weight loss and fitness. There have been new studies that contradict "increasing cardio" to burn fat. If you want your body to become more efficient at burning fat, you need to increase lean muscle and that means doing more strength training.

What to do ? Do your best to eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training. Long term, this will help you lose weight.

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7/29/13 11:55 A

A trainer once told me that if I have a thick layer of fat in my belly area that doing weight bearing exercises to increase muscle mass in my stomach would only make my stomach look more extended. She said that the added muscle I build would be under the layer of fat, therefore making my tummy look bigger. She said the only way for me to ever get a flat tummy would be to restrict calories in my diet and do cardio to burn more calories. Therefore, I've been skipping tummy exercises and concentrating my efforts on the rest of my body. Ive lost almost 60 lbs but my tummy still looks pretty big. people actually think I'm pregnant since the rest of me is pretty toned. ill try to post a new pic soon. any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.

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