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LIZKING Posts: 781
9/26/10 1:19 P

oatmeal & cheerios. think it is any whole grains.

9/21/10 8:13 P

My husband's dr. has him on slow release Niacin for cholesterol and it works. He has liver function tests every 6 months since he is on a high dose. emoticon

DSAKHOLLI Posts: 101
9/21/10 1:11 P

I just found the results of a blood test I had done for a life insurance policy. I was shocked to see my bad cholesterol was high compared to the range that was specified! Thanks for the timely information.

NOLAZYBUTT110 Posts: 1,437
9/19/10 11:50 P

I recently read that these herb can help with cholesterol, fat and losing weight. LIke "FENNEL" ... it can help suppress appetite. And Fenugreek dissolves fat within the liver,(and also helps you get rid of fat the healthy way). (I am taking Fenugreek for it also helps with metablolism of sugars. And Evening Primrose helps weight loss. And if you can eliminate fat safely from your diet it is a means to lose weight. You can control cholesterol with these Herbs. I also take Lipo-acid daily as a supplement which helps digest and eliminate fat from my weight safely. But you have to also have a good healthy diet to begin with. Lipo-acid helps flush fat out of the cells safely. And I want to say before you try any of these Herbs check with your Doctor because some herbs can interfere with some medicines. Better safe than sorry! Some are also MAO Inhibitors! Have a healthy weight loss day! Remember do it safely and healthy way!

CHALLENGER15 Posts: 13,490
9/18/10 4:55 P

Thanks, everyone! I just got blood work results from my doctor today and my cholesterol is just a little high. She thought by looking at my records that it would be extremely high and she had even already given me information about the statin she was going to put me on! THANKS, SPARKPEOPLE! I don't think it would have been just a bit high if not for the healthy eating and exercising. She just wants to check again in 6 months! Yippee! This additional information will help.

XANADUREALM Posts: 7,431
9/18/10 1:45 P

Beans, beans & more beans. Any kind of beans!


Get your samples on the Waist Management. New samples posted daily!

NOLAZYBUTT110 Posts: 1,437
9/17/10 2:08 P

I know I been using just grapefruit juice to thin my blood and it taste the same if its juiced or the whole grapefruit. It Works just the same for me. I know when they juice the grapefruit your getting everything. One grapefruit equals 4 to 6 ounces of juice.
What also helps with eliminating or lowering your cholesterol is (1) Cayenne pepper (It equalizes the blood pressure but it help flush out cholesterol.) (2) Ginger... also helps your body not absorb fat. and so does (3) artichoke. I take them in capsule form. (Only when I eat foods that are fried or have excess fat). I watch my fat intake since I had two gall bladder attacks. They say I have one Gallstone. But I think it passed, but if I dont take ginger and artichoke when I eat such foods with fat in my diet, I find I have a very upset gallblader. They all help eliminate cholesterol. They help by flushing or preventing cholesterol from being absorbed into the body; by not allowing you to absorb it. So does (4) Lipo-acid. They all can be found at your Grocery store or health food store and are natural. Even if you have high blood pressure they can be taken with such medication .They are food. But do ask your Dr first in case there is a problem with some medications. But they dont hamper any cholesterol medications I was told by my Dr.

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LEZASEDAI Posts: 418
9/8/10 3:34 A

I had heard that oatmeal can lower cholesterol- steel cut oats (Irish)w/cinnamon & dried blueberries in a crockpot overnight is super delicious and very easy.

I wonder if you have to actually eat the grapefruit/orange/pommagranate/lemon fruit or is the juice effective?

LEZASEDAI Posts: 418
9/8/10 3:33 A

I had heard that oatmeal can lower cholesterol- steel cut oats (Irish)w/cinnamon & dried blueberries in a crockpot overnight is super delicious and very easy.

I wonder if you have to actually eat the grapefruit/orange/pommagranate/lemon fruit or is the juice effective?

MFLESCH Posts: 268
8/31/10 9:31 A

Olive oil is also shown to be a heart healthy oil and help lower cholesterol.

NOLAZYBUTT110 Posts: 1,437
8/29/10 2:27 P


IF YOU CAN EAT MORE VEGETABLES AND SOMe FRUITS THAT HELP ELIMINATE FAT OR cHOLESTEROL IN YOUR BODY you can keep your cholesterol from raising to high levels by cutting back on mOST MEAT, DAILY AND EGGS which are animal fats and not natural for human consumptions. CHOLESTEROL happens becaue of unnatural eating habits have changed for most people who eat such foods. Most people can tolerate such foods like Beef and pork becasue the fat is not easily digested! But yOUR BODY NEEDS SOME FATS,like buter and yogurt, BECAUSE YOUR BRAIN IS BUILT OF MOSTly FATS. Butter and yogurt are process already into unsolubale fats. They are easily digested and assimilated for human consumption much easier than heavy muscular fats like pork, beef and chicken fat. YOU CANT ELIMINATE Fats ALTOGETHER because you need some for brains to metabolize nutrients to help process information. Some PEOPLE CANT TAKE METAMUCIL BECAUsE OF ITS BINDING PROPERTIES OR BECAusE THEY ARE TAKING medicines like COUMADIN and fruit like Pomergrant and grapefuit COUNTERACT THE MEDICINES ability to be assimilated into the body.
Metamucil is not safe for those who take Coumadin.
You can eliminate fast by eating less meat and mroe fruits. and believe it or not fats can break down and be flushed out of the body by consuming Lipoacid, an antioxidant in lemons and other citrus. Pears and other heavy fiber fruits act like a broom on the body and purges cholesterol out of the blood stream. Good luck and happy eating of more fiberous vegetables and fruits.

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