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1/23/12 7:41 P

The difference between beef and turkey is the fat profile. Lean turkey is more likely to be a higher % of breast meat (unless you buy specifically ground turkey breast, which has even less fat).

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1/23/12 2:36 P

Do a 1:1 mix of ground turkey and ground beef. You just save the unused portion for later (it freezes fine if you wrap it up for freezing). Extra lean ground turkey is usually cheaper than extra lean beef and over time you can increase the amount of turkey to beef without your husband noticing. He just has to get use to his traditional meals having a different flavor. But keep in mind that some recipes are simply better with beef, some are better with turkey or chicken, while others it doesn't matter what you use.

Bison is also a great naturally lean alternative but tends to be on the costly side. It's about the same cost of buying organic beef but often more since it's not a high demand item. I've been trying to find a place that sells it in bulk freezer packs yet also small enough quantities to fit in my far the places I have looked at aren't different enough from the store or farmers market to make me want to purchase.

You can also make regular ground beef extra lean by cooking it, draining it, then rinsing it under water. Personally I find this messy since you can't just rinse it down the drain, but it would be a cost saver.

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1/23/12 1:48 P

in the area I live ground beef is cheaper. I buy it from the butcher. I am not sure of the % but when I cook it, there is no fat in the skillet. I assume it is extra lean

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1/23/12 12:55 P

Rotate protein where possible-nothing is better than another type of protein.. Many people won't eat this and that- but the stomach is a muscle that needs a challenge like any other muscle and food rotation means bombing it with everything in the food pyramid- just remember "lean"..
There is nothing to stop people whom have a food processor choosing a peice of meat in the meat desk that is void of marbling and excess fat- food processing it with a meat grinder attachment..

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1/23/12 11:24 A

Compare the information yourself. The ground beef in the grocery store doesn't always have a label, but the meat manager has to have it behind the counter. Most of them can tell you right off the top of their head that their extra-lean means xy% lean, so you could look up the numbers here, or you can ask them to go look it up for you.

If the beef is the same percentage lean as the turkey, then there are only minor differences in the nutrition. The reason that ground turkey has a better reputation is that it's fairly easy to find 97% lean or higher, while ground beef is usually between 80 and 95%.

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1/23/12 11:18 A

I use ground turkey because I find it to be somewhat cheaper most places. At the store I shop at most often now, the nutritional info isn't always listed on the ground beef, either. You can get extra super lean turkey that has 120 calories a serving, but, at least for me, it's a bit pricey, so I either do half that, half lean or onlybuy it when it's on sale, or just get the lean which is either 160 or 170 calories per serving. If your husband prefers ground beef and cost isn't an issue for you, get the ground beef. Be sure to get the leanest you can, though. I think 96% is the leanest I've seen.

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1/23/12 11:14 A

You could try grass-fed buffalo if your grocery store carries it.

It's supposed to be similar in taste, but healthier than grain-fed beef. It's definitely a lean meat, but I don't know how it compares to extra lean beef in terms of fat content.

My boyfriend is a picky eater, but he likes to buy buffalo for making burgers.

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1/23/12 10:13 A

Personally, I prefer extra lean beef for most recipes. Just looking at spark, generally 93% ground beef is 170 calories, 8g. of fat and 65 mg cholesterol. 93% ground turkey is 160 calories, 8g fat and 80mg cholesterol. Not much difference and I just prefer the taste of ground beef moreso. However, I do like a good turkey burger from time to time!

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1/23/12 10:05 A

I am fairly new to healthy eating and healthy life style. My husband does not care for the ground turkey, I don't mind it and actually like it but he refuses to eat it. It is too expensive for me to buy both ground beef and ground turkey so my question is what is the big different extra lean ground beef and extra lean ground turkey, why is the ground turkey so much better for you? Also any tips to force this on my husband, or make it tastier for him??

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