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6/17/13 9:15 P

There are many excercise video's I just do the upper arms for, I mostly stand, but there have been phases with recovery I've had to sit for them. Kickboxing is really good for keeping the arms moving. If you can't do the move, just keep on moving your arms around until there is a move you can do. Add hand weights if you want to bump it up a notch.

Speedy recovery to you! Hope you can find something that works!

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6/17/13 2:05 A

Thank you. Unfortunately I don't have access to a pool, but you have lots of other good suggestions for me to try. Good luck on your surgery.


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6/17/13 1:42 A

You could check out the Seated Cardio videos here on Spark. Some moves require that you stabilize your position with both feet, but you could just skip those.... (I've looked into them because I will be having foot surgery...supposed to have been this spring, but not until this fall now!)

If you have access to a swimming pool, you might be able to do some "water walking", or light swimming, treading water, etc, since the water helps support you....

There is also a Lifestyle Section for Limited Mobility...(under the Articles and Videos Main Menu) that might have other ideas!
Good luck--hope it heals quickly and completely!!

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6/16/13 11:59 P

My main cardio has been walking, but the other day I broke my second toe on my right foot, and walking hasn't been easy. Plus, certain strengthening exercises have been hard. Does any one have any suggestions, so I don't fall behind with my exercising?


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