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1/11/13 9:54 P

Let your body be your guide. There are a myriad of exercises someone can do while ill, at all stages of recovery, and at full recovery. I'll spare all of the examples now, but the main thing is to pay attention to your energy level. Part will depend on your fitness level before becoming ill, and part will depend on how long you were sick. If it was one week, one month, or one will make a huge difference.

You gently push yourself to move every day. That begins when you are in bed or on the couch resting. You can stretch and move feet and wrists while resting. This is not a time to concern yourself with your weight, it is more about getting blood flow to extremities and keeping as much of a fitness base so when you are ready, you can get going faster upon full recovery.

During your illness you can always stretch; your neck, legs, arms, hands, feet, etc.
As you feel like it walk around your house. Later, walk outside around your house. Then walk to the mailbox, or end of road and back. If you feel worse, you worked too hard. If you feel the same, then the exertion was about right for you. If you feel energetic, you didn't do enough.

Later, walk around the block, or up to 1/8 mile. Then 1/4 mile. Stretch your legs and arms after walking. Roll your shoulders about 20 times every hour to help stay loose.

After each walk, and the next day, evaluate how you feel after your exercise. Maintain your gentle exercise level and increase only to the amount that you do not set yourself back. If the gentle exercise increases fatigue, it was too much so back off the next day.

Only you can figure out how much movement is all right in your condition. Only you know how tired you are, and balance it with home and outside work responsibilities. Don't let anyone tell you how much exercise you need to get. I have given you enough of a guide to get you started, even if today you have a fever!

The main thing is to get well, and to rest enough to give your body a chance to do that. If you are tired, rest and sleep. If you do too much too soon, you will lengthen the amount of time you are out sick.

I have been sick for eight months from a lung infection and bronchitis. It is awful! My energy is my guide. If you ran five miles thrice weekly before the illness, (such as I was doing last May), you do not one day get up and run even one! First you walk and build the base, and guage if it was too little, too much, or just the right amount of exercise. Your energy level is your guide. Listen and pay attention to your energy level. Let that be your guide.

Also, drink tons of water and liquids. Water is a natural immune booster, according to my pharmacist. Your body needs the liquids to flush out bacteria and/or virus causing the illness.

Lastly, I'll note the obvious. Follow your doctors orders and directions. If you get over-the-counter or prescription medications, follow the directions, even when you start feeling better and the course of treatment is not completed. I learned this in my Pharmacist Assistant Training program.

Get well soon! I hope you get over yours quickly, and does not drag on to eight months like mine!

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1/11/13 4:28 P

Also make sure to drink plenty of water.

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1/11/13 11:11 A

As long as you have no underlying issues you need to consult a doctor about, I would just tune into your body and let it guide you. If it feels too hard, slow down. If you're too tired, take a rest day. Exercise is a stressor to your body and if you push too hard, you could wind up sick again or extend the time it takes you to fully recover. Just make sure you've adjusted your calories and carbs and you'll be fine until you can get back to your routine. Hope you feel better soon.

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1/11/13 10:57 A

Start slowly. If you have some energy, you could start with a daily walk. If you'd like to do some strength training, start with some body weight exercises and see how you feel. If you use weights, start with something a bit lighter, once again to see how you feel. If you start fatiguing quickly, time to stop. Your body may need more time to recover. When to start ? How do you feel ? If you still feel blah, you're not ready.

It's a bad flu season this year. People have been sick for a week or more.

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How long should I wait after having the flu before getting back into a fitness routine? I'm itching to get back but don't want to overdo it.

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