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2/7/13 12:40 P

Wow, so I'm not the only one. Its good to know I have company.
I am an old fart of 61, and overweight my entire life, though always very active. I admit that in my youth I did not eat or exercise the way I should have.

As everyone else, I find it terribly frustrating to do all the right things (that my doctor and all my research) tells me to, and feel like I am getting nowhere.

For the past 3+ years I have been doing Tony Horton's P90 (P90 wuss according to my children), averaging 4-5 times a week.

I have had a BodyMedia fit (for over 2 years now) and my normal calorie burn is 3300+ with jumps to 3800+ not unusual on Friday and Saturday. Tracking my food quite regularly shows I take in an average of 2300-2400 a day, and I am not going hungry. Steps average 7,400+ a day, sleep at about 6.5 hrs a night (I just love having the numbers).

I show the reports from BodyMedia to my primary physician and she just gets that deer in the head-lights look and tells me she has no answers. As for other "medical authorities", I swear if I hear one more time that its nothing more than calories in and calories out, my head is going to explode!

Although my weight has not changed appreciably since I started (265-270) I have built plenty of muscle. Just can't get rid of the big belly. The weight is killing my knees however, so I am starting to think about surgery. So far though I am not convinced it will work. Any feedback on that would be very much appreciated.

Ah, so nice to vent once in a while.
Thanks SparkPeople!

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1/29/13 11:58 A

I am in the same boat. I exercised three times this last week for an hour each time and I was so sure that I was going to lose weight and I actually gained weight. Which was quite depressing to me yesterday. However, I took a day to think it over and realized that I have started ona healthier path for me, and it shouldnt all be about the scale. Don't get me wrong, I am still bummed and it's still hard. But I feel I need to give it a good 60 days and see how things are going at the end of the 60 days to see if I feel better. And go from there.
Here's to me making it to 60 days :)

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1/28/13 5:52 P

I thought I was the only one who is eating right and exercising and am getting no where fast. I'm told it's my meds that are holding me back and just to hang in there and eventually I'll see a change. It's been months, when am I gonna see that change? I will not give up! emoticon

1/28/13 11:26 A

I am so glad that I came to this forum today and see that I am not alone in my struggles. I have been frustrated too because I have been eating at the low end of my calorie allowance, measuring/weighing my food, working out 3-5 days a week doing both cardio and strength training, eating whole grains, etc. I have lost one pound since the New Year. So this morning I was feeling a little frustrated when I weighed in. I have wondered if I am not eating enough. I had to change my exercise goal awhile back because I was exercising more than I had entered in my tracker, so that changed my calories from a minimum of 1200 to 1460 (I use a heart rate monitor, so my calories burned should be pretty accurate). I am finding though that I am still eating around the 1200 mark and maybe that is my issue? Maybe I am not eating enough for the amount I burn each week. Anyway, like I said, I am very glad I came online today to see that others share my battle.

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1/27/13 11:45 A

glad i am not alone. the posts have been very helpful.

I have been at my goal weight for 6 months. (middle of normal bmi-which i think is normal for me. i was at the low end of normal for most of my life.)

My weight has went up 3 pounds in three weeks. for the past three weeks, i have been tracking (in middle of calorie range) jogging 3+ miles 3 times a week, and drinking at least 6 glasses of water (up from about two last month). better than i was doing in dec. and i was only 1/2 pound over my goal weight). i only log one weight a week-done at the same time on the same day.

usually if my weight went up a pound or so, it would go back down a few days later. not this time. it is not following the usual trend.

going to try not to focus on the number-and work on some non scale victories.

i jsut don't want 3 pounds to turn to 10 pounds and then 15 pounds...

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1/27/13 8:36 A

Me too!!! I am having the same issue!!! Its frustrating but I won't give up and I know you won't either!!! Reading the replys you got have been helpful to me to so thanks for posting your struggle and know you are not alone! The past couple of weeks the scale has barely budged, but the waste line has! Small victories I guess! Good luck!

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1/27/13 6:26 A

THank you for this thread. Even though I've got a lot more to lose some of these comments have been really helpful!

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1/24/13 7:31 P


helpful comment about what the machines show as calories burned may not be accurate

thanks! : )

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1/24/13 4:00 P

Be patient and keep doing what you are doing. If I had given up 4 years ago I wouldn't have the awesome physique I have today. Fit and muscular. Many weeks went by and I stayed at the same weight or lost only 1/2 pound a week or less, but each 1/2 pound was a loss. Also on this journey I learned how to cook healthier, what to cut out of my diet, how to exercise better.

I think if you are only focused on a number on the scale you are missing so much more to this journey. You also really need to give it 90 days or more to see some REAL results.

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1/24/13 2:53 P

OK, will not give up and may even throw out the darn scale. Yes, my clothes feel loser and I feel better about myself. Thank you for the wisdom.

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1/24/13 2:46 P

hello everyone...

tinybubbles you are so correct!

i understand that you are doing things right and the pounds arent disappearing? well....did you take other measurements when you started?

there are so many ways to gage your success other than the stupid scale.

1. take measurements and record
2. are your clothes feeling loose?
3. do you have more energy?

weight loss isnt really about the scale at all. It is the feeling of feeling good about your success and feeling good about your progress. Dont get so down on the scale. Only weigh in once a week. your weight fluctuates from day to day. Dont let it make you crazy!

Keep posting and hide the scale or throw it out the window. It is evil!

ps...when you work out you are gaining muscle and getting rid of the fat. MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE!!! You are probably losing inches :)

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1/24/13 2:27 P

Same exact thing for me. Have you received any explainations or suggestions from your message? Exercising, eating right and not losing weight. Matter of fact gaining weight.
Woes me....

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11/25/12 3:07 P




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11/25/12 2:43 P

As many people reported here about problems to lose weight, is happening the same to me. I have completely changed my routine since some months. Today I don't feel like a need to eat not healthy food. I only have one "crappy meal" day but it is not something that I need anymore. Actually, I don't like to have a crapy meal day, I just feel really bad in my body! I do workouts every single day with one day of rest. Two days of strength workout with a 6 pounds dummbell for each hand, one day of one full hour of cardio, and other three days of 30 minutes cardio plus 30 minutes abs and legs. My nutrition is about 1500 for strength days trainning, 1400 for cardio days trainning and 1300 for rest day. I really don't know why I am stuck in 53-52 kilos and never lose more than this. I feel really disappointed and just hope I can find out what I am doing wrong. In the first two months I lost 4 kilos but since then I am do not see results anymore. I even changed my nutrition to 1200 to 1400 for one month but just got worse, I was getting more weigtht. So I came back to my original nutrition 1300 to 1500 depending on the kind of workout.

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7/30/12 1:31 P

Changing your body takes time. I've been back track for 4 months and didn't see any results at all for 3 of them. Now, I am beginning to lose weight and my clothes are beginning to fit a bit better. I can, however, run 3 times as far without needed to walk so I am improving in other areas. I should be up to a 5k in the fall and last spring I could barely go half a mile. it is frustrating but it is beginning to happen. I did have to move my goals out, but I feel better and more confident. Keep at it. It will make a difference, just maybe not as fast as we would hope.

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7/30/12 12:07 P

I'm new here. I've been using the trackers for going on 2 weeks now. I log everything that goes into my mouth, even seasonings. I stay within my calorie goal of 1200 a day. I eat healthy whole foods like greek yogurt, cottage cheese, whole grains etc. I'm exercising in some form or another at least 30 min a day. So why does my weight seem to creep up almost everyday? I started at 124.8, the next day it was 123.8. then over the last week and a half it has crept up to 126.8. My goal is to get to 115, but it seems like I'm only gaining weight and losing hope.


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6/28/12 10:09 A


Are you logging your food choices ? You don't have your food diary posted, so I don't know what types of foods you've been eating. While it's true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less, the problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right foods. Quality of the food you eat has a huge impact not only on your health, but your waistline too.

Do you eat 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day ? If not, I'm going to encourage you to increase the number of servings of veggies you eat. Eating more veggies will help you to lose weight in the long term.

Well, it seems like you're getting enough cardio, but what are you doing for strength training ? I see the turbo jam sculpt, but is that it ? Do you do any work with resistance bands, body weight exercises or hand weights ? If you're not doing any strength training per se, I'm going to encourage you to start. add lean muscle will a good strength training program. the more lean muscle you carry, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat. Don't worry, you will not look like a body builder if you lift a heavy weight. that is a misconception. women do not pack on muscle the same way men do, BUT we do both benefit from strength training.

If you're not sure where to start, check out the fitness section, Coach Nicole has a bunch of short 10-15 minute strength training or boot camp workouts you can do at home.

Since we don't know anything about you or what you eat, we're just taking guesses as to why you haven't lose. How much are you trying to lose ? Keeping in mind that the closer a person gets to a healthy weight for their height, the harder it will be to take off any excess. so, if you are down to the last few pounds, that too would explain the slower loss.

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6/27/12 9:19 P

I have been counting calories on Spark for weeks. I am staying / eating between 1500-1800.I usually allow one "cheat " day on Sunday but 90% of the time i am in the lower or middle of my range. I have not loss any weight.
I exercise about 5 days a week. I usually run / jog 2 or 3 times a week for 30 minutes and then 2 or 3 days I will do a work out DVD - Beach Body Step it up or Turbo Jam Sculpt or power walk.

I don't know what to do? Does anyone have any advice for me.

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GRETA242 Posts: 1,408
6/26/12 5:11 P

So sorry you are not seeing changes. You might be eating too little if you are exercising and burning that many calories. Your body might be in the shock phase with so little food and so much movement. Let me know if this helps. (Even so, you are not alone in your quest to lose weight).

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6/26/12 12:39 P


YOUR age is a problem?!? I'm 63 - and you want to talk about ZERO METABOLISM!! I feel your pain for sure!


MJREIMERS Posts: 7,527
6/26/12 10:51 A

I'm right there with you! I think part of my problem is age. I'll be 45 in the fall. Metabolism drops every 5 to 10 years and I think that's what I'm experiencing. So it's eat less and keep exercising, but it is so frustrating!!!!

6/26/12 9:10 A

Another tip is to not rely on the machine readout to gauge how many calories you are burning.

Treadmills, ellipticals, upright and recumbent bicycles at the gym are all calibrated based on the metabolism of a large, fit, muscular man. Most of us burn fewer calories than that when we work out, so the reading you get from a machine will likely have an artificially high number.

Instead, be sure to track your workouts on SP. You will get a more realistic idea of your calorie burn which will help you to better track your calorie input and output.

Keeping the math simple, one pound = 3500 calories. To lose 1 lb per week you need to have a calorie deficit of 500 per day. That means that you have to burn 500 more calories than you consume.

Trying to do that by working out alone is very hard, so you also have to manage your eating properly. Track EVERYTHING. Do you put cream in your coffee? Track it. Do you stop for a doughnut in the office lunchroom? Track it. Everything you eat, you must track. Otherwise you won't have accurate information and you'll wonder why you're not seeing the results you expect.

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6/25/12 9:17 P

I am not having the results I want either BUT...

It is simple math. You have to put out more than you take in. We may stick within the nutrition guidelines but we may be cheating on the fitness side. I was successful and lost almost 40 pounds a couple of years ago. I was on the treadmill EVERY day. I stopped when we went on vacation and didn't pick the exercising back up after we returned home. Bottom line, when I was successful, I stuck to every part of the plan and did not cut corners.

I understand there are other factors like health issues and eating too little slows up metabolsim, etc. but for the most part it is in vs. out.

Now, I am cutting corners so therefore I am stuck in a rut that I know how to get out of.

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6/25/12 8:43 A

I think it happen to a lot of us. I happened to me, heck still happening to me! I usually run 15 to 20 miles a week, lift weight 2x a week for about the last year I do take time off and eat healthy and my weight goes up and down 2 to 3 pounds. But inches are coming off. So I am happy about that. Just dont give about. You will see results!

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6/23/12 10:49 A


I DO think it has something to do with weighing at the very same time each day. Every weight loss program I've been in recommends this. I always weigh first thing in the morning.

Hang in there! You're doing all the right things, so something's gotta give!

Tinybubba emoticon

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TINYBUBBA1 SparkPoints: (73,025)
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6/23/12 10:46 A

I'm stuck!! Lost 7 pounds the first 3 weeks with SparkPeople and now I'm stuck - scale even went up a few tenths of a pound! emoticon

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6/22/12 3:17 P

I've been on my diet for 2 weeks now with a lot of daily workout, is it too soon to expect some results? At least 2 pounds? I weighed myself and I don't see any changes, however, I have not been checking my weight at the same moment of the day everytime I do it. I'm thinking it definitely has got something to do with it. It makes me lose my motivation and that's the last thing I need right now. Am I asking too much?

MLS616 Posts: 157
6/22/12 1:29 P

p.s. Don't worry - I am not doing that...and that is not why I have no energy for more workouts.
It's just that I work all day, have my step-daughter on weekends, ride 3 days a week and find I have little energy left on my few days when I don't have committments.

I am eating too much chocolate (and general fats) - that is likely the problem. lol


MLS616 Posts: 157
6/22/12 1:27 P


Oh I agree - I didn't mean to imply that was a healthy thing to do - only that I don't agree with people that think they are eating too little and that is why they aren't losing.
Sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like I support that kind of weight loss at all. It is definitely unhealthy.

I simply mean that a lot of people who are not losing are told that they are eating too little and possibly slowing down metabolism, when this isn't the case. In the short term, if you are eating too little, you will lose - that is my experience and I strongly believe it.

It is more likely they still aren't doing enough or eating properly to lose weight.


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6/15/12 11:50 A

Thank you, Dragonchilde. You put forth some very helpful information--I had no idea that the closer you get to your goal weight, the harder it is to lose weight. There are so many articles out there on weight loss, yet none of them that I've read have mentioned this.


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6/15/12 11:26 A

I know your pain...I have hypothyroidism so I sometimes feel like weight loss is impossible for me, yet somehow I managed to get thin without very much effort a few years ago. Darn body. It's tough sometimes! :(

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6/15/12 11:02 A

I have been counting calories on Spark for about 5 weeks. I am eating between 1200-1500. i have gone a little over if i am out with friends but 90% of the time i am in the middle of my range. I have not loss any weight. i flucuate 2-3 pounds but have not loss permenantly anything.

i exercise about 3-4 days a week. i usually run 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes and then 2-3 days i do a Jillian Micheal DVD.

I don't know what to do? Does anyone have any advice for me. emoticon

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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6/13/12 9:22 P

"I think people are wrong when they say to eat more. Anyone who has been sick (or love sick) knows how fast you can lose when you eat very little. Eating too little will never make you gain weight IMO. "

Eating too little will slow your metabolism. Eating too little is NOT a healthy way to lose weight, and turns your body against itself. When you don't eat enough, you sabotage your efforts and can slow or stop your progress altogether... and if you do it on a chronic basis, you can damage your metabolism long-term and cause all kinds of problems. Eating very little when you're sick is UNHEALTHY, and not a safe example of weight loss.

If you don't have the energy, you may not be eating enough to support it. Fatigue is a common symptom of undereating. You don't have to do more strenuous workouts to lose weight; as you get closer to your goal, you will simply lose weight more slowly. At 132 lbs, you only have 7 lbs to lose to reach your goal of 125. It's going to take you a while to do that... so close, you can reasonably expect to lose only .25 to .5 lbs per week. If you're already at a healthy BMI, you may not be able to lose easily at all.

When you're very close to your goal, it is often more helpful to focus on body composition and body fat percentage than a particular weight on the scale. The weight on your scale doesn't tell you anything about how much fat you have, how much muscle you have, how much energy you have, or how fit you are.

MLS616 Posts: 157
6/13/12 4:19 P

I am in exactly the same situation.
I track everything I eat and am very careful not to leave things out. I am within all of my Spark guidelines and I can't lose any weight.

For me personally, I believe that I need to do workouts that are a lot more strenuous. When you have less to lose it is hard and I think workouts have to be intense....that said - I rarely have the energy!

I think people are wrong when they say to eat more. Anyone who has been sick (or love sick) knows how fast you can lose when you eat very little. Eating too little will never make you gain weight IMO.

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5/19/12 12:04 P

i'm feeling the same way - have been getting in some form of cardio every day (yoga on rest days) and eating right, lots of water, strength training...and the scale is the same after 4.5 weeks. frustrating! but i know i'm starting to lose some inches and that's helpful. thanks for all the tips in this thread - helping me get my head on straight again.

JSTEMM SparkPoints: (0)
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4/7/12 12:27 A

I agree. I am going to recheck my calorie range and start to eat a little more. It's hard to even think about since the scale is not moving like I want it to!

SOONERSINGER7 SparkPoints: (6,708)
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4/5/12 8:01 P

I've been having the same experience! Eating right, exercising, and the scale isn't budging. I read through these posts and just wanted to say thank you for all of the encouraging words (even if they weren't directed towards me specifically). Thanks for helping me reset my mindset. emoticon

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,461
4/5/12 1:43 A

I'd encourage you to keep it up!! I am losing an average of 1/2 pound a week. Lots of people might give up after only seeing a 1 lb decrease on the scale every other week...but 1/2 a pound each week is exactly how I've lost over 30 pounds! Ounces lost will add up to pounds lost if you keep doing the right things! You can do it!

SHARK59 SparkPoints: (34,283)
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4/4/12 5:12 P

First - stay with it. Patience is a key attribute in this process. Your body is changing as you make your lifestyle changes - a scale is only one data point - and sometimes not a great one.
If you are stuck try a couple of things - reduce your carbs and increase healthy fat intake (which may combine with an increase in protien) - stay in you calorie range but change up the mix. The other is adding strength training - it can be a real game changer - does not necessarily seem like it would but I found it to help break several plateaus.

Oh and did I encourage you to stick with it.

Do well.


DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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4/4/12 12:42 P

Well, it's only been 3 weeks, so it's hardly time to call out the troops just yet. It can take 6-8 weeks for our lifestyle changes to show up on the scale, especially when you work out.

I'd suggest eating closer to the top of your range, especially since you're working out, since 1200 is more of a minimum, and really only appropriate for people who are sedentary.

Okay, if you started March 12, and have your goal set for July 12, then that's only 17 weeks. To lose that kind of weight, you'd need to lose 1.76 lbs per week.

If your BMI is under 30, then this may be unreasonably fast. You can expect 2 lb per week losses if you're very overweight, but as you draw closer to your goal weight, y ou're not going to get that kind of progress.

I'd suggest a slower progress... maybe something more like 1 lb per week, which would be easily sustainable, although you have to remember that weight loss is rarely a linear process. People who lose 1 lb per week steadily from start to finish are rare. :) Our bodies aren't calculators, and the process isn't that easy!

CHANGEITIS7 Posts: 573
4/4/12 8:57 A

I just read your new post, consider joining a gym and getting a trainer--or watch what the trainers do with others at the gym because they do the workout thing and get results!!!

The weight changes will come

CHANGEITIS7 Posts: 573
4/4/12 8:54 A

Wow, it sounds like you have been working hard. One of the things I have that is helping is an app on my phone called "lose it" because I can scan food in from the nutrition bar on the box which helps me with new foods/ being at work etc.

Try doing a change up in the exercises so that your body does not get used to one routine. SP has some great videos with a fitness coach. At the gym they have me doing 2 weights exercises then treadmill for a minute, and repeating this 4 times. Then another 2 weights exercises, and the same routine, then 2 more, no walking; then abs. So, if that helps you could try it.

Your scale is not to be trusted. HOw are your clothes fitting? I went from 18/20 in January and now it is 12/14 for March/now April. You can do this and it will work. I'm still shocked at the change in clothes sizes because the scale number is going down but not as fast as the sizes...keep on exercising. (I had not seen this size for 25 years--the age of my youngest child, so finally I lose the baby weight--lol)
YOU CAN DO IT!! emoticon

4/4/12 8:48 A

Yes i am measuring everything that i eat without exceptions! And eat whole foods, fruits and vegggies, nothing processed etc.... I guess i might just wait a few weeks before taking it a step further. Im already consulting with a nutritionist. Thanks for the support!

KESTES200 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/4/12 7:59 A

My first question is whether you are measuring and tracking EVERYTHING you eat? No exceptions to this rule when trying to lose weight. Otherwise, you cannot be certain that you have created a true calorie deficit. If you are uncertain about your requisite daily calories, make an appointment with your doctor and ask for guidance on this issue. In terms of your daily food intake, make sure you are eating primarily whole foods, especially fruit and vegetables. Try to avoid saturated fat and processed food as this can have a negative effect on your ability to judge when you have had enough to eat. Finally, you might want to consider weight watchers or some other weight loss program if spark people is not sufficient. Let me know if I can help any further!

4/3/12 11:42 P

Oh and my calorie differentials are always minus 500-700. What does this mean? Do i have to eat 500-700 more or burn 500-700 more? Confused!!!!!!

4/3/12 11:26 P

My goal is to lose 30 lbs by july 12, 2012. I started sparkpeople nd goals on march 12,2012. As for the strength training i dont have a specific reason for doing those specifically, just like the.
I will try to review my gals. But at do u think?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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4/3/12 10:53 P

It's possible that you've set your time frame to be too aggressive: the 1200 range is generally the lowest possible one you can get here, and is usually only appropriate for sedentary people, not people who are actively exercising. Make sure you've properly entered your fitness goals in the fitness tracker too, because if that info isn't properly entered, Sparkpoplpe can hwve you under eating. How long and how much are you set to ose? You should aim for 1 lb or so a week.

It's also been only 2 weeks, it can take 6-8 to show results on the scale, especially when making so many drastic changes. It takes time for our bodies to adjust! What kind of calorie differentials are you getting daily?

Also wanted to comment on the ab/hip strength training. Any particular reason for tht? We can't spot reduce our trouble spots, so an all over fully body strength program is far more effective for weight loss.

4/3/12 10:26 P

Thanks for the support, but this is recommended values on my food counter and the average ive been doing
Calories 1200-1550 (me between 1200-1300)
Carbs 135-252 (me around 140-150)
Fats 27-60 (me 28-36)
Protein 60-136 (me 60-76)
I drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday
I excersize 30min everyday except sat and sun and burn between 280 to 315 calories on the elliptical machine
I do strength training around 20min focusing on abs, hips

I really hope i start to see some results soon...... Im working so hard!

CHANGEITIS7 Posts: 573
4/3/12 10:12 P

You are doing great even if the scale isn't showing it!
I had someone tell me that I was too heavy with my fats in diet even though the #calories was ok. So I dropped the fat down and then my weight started changing...weird, huh. So take a look at the graph the food counter does and see ...Drink the water, it helps.

4/3/12 10:05 P

I have been exercising and following the diet suggested by sparkpeople and im not seeing any change on the scale! I've been eating between 1200-1300 calories of healthy food, and burning around 280 calories on a 30 minute workout on the elliptical.

Please help!!! Im losing hope.... Its been 3 weeks and i havent seen change! I have only 30 lbs to lose and im doing all i can in order to so.....

This is all very frustrating.... emoticon

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