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JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/11 8:37 P

I really like Leslie Sansone, too. I walk one mile even on my resistance days. That 12 minutes goes so fast.

JULIES. Posts: 44
1/28/11 8:18 P

I just discovered and it is awesome! Very little equipment needed and that girl is fit! I'm going to start her routines as soon as I get the stopwatch they recommend.

SANDERS6466 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/11 6:44 P

I use to live in a small apartment and resistance bands were my best friend! They didn't take up room and they could travel with me as well. I'm also a huge Leslie Sansone fan! Give her a try! emoticon

ARMLEYLASS SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/11 5:24 P

You can put a pull-up bar in a doorway, do pushups, crunches, leg lifts, etc.

SMCCOSH Posts: 390
1/28/11 2:47 P

How do you like P90X? That looks like a pretty good/interesting program.

FANGLE Posts: 1,821
1/28/11 2:14 P

I exercise in my room and I really dont have very much room at all but I manage to do every exercise from P90X and Insanity.

TISTYEN Posts: 214
1/28/11 1:39 P

Pretend jump rope would probably be safer for me anyway! I never could skip a real one without tripping.

CINDY-K Posts: 5,938
1/28/11 1:12 P

I too live in an apartment but can not do the jumping around like some of the people are reporting that they do in their apartments. I have neighbors below and next door that I do not want to alienate.

I do most exercise at the gym and do resistance band exercises in the apartment. I want to buy an exercise bike but they cost so much. Now that they make silent ones I could do that in the apartment (426 sq feet total).

1/28/11 12:11 P

I do ALL of my workouts in my computer room, which leaves me with a space of about 5' by 8'.

Since moving, my multi-station gym and big set of free weights + bench have been traded in for a good set of resistance bands (Gorilla Strength Bands... check them out on ebay), a set of adjustable dumbbells and an exercise ball.

I can get in a full circuit training routine with plenty of variety. I alternate 60-90 second cardio bursts (jumping jacks, mountain climbers, knee highs, butt kickers, lunges, etc...) with sets of resistance/weight training. This keeps my heart rate up so I get my cardio and strength training in at the same time.

This is also a great idea for anyone having trouble staying motivated on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. Try switching up your workout, add some variety by combining it with other moves. Even if you don't have any equipment, you have plenty of options. You can do all the cardio bursts mentioned above. You can add planks,push-ups, tricep dips off of a sturdy chair... the list goes on.

Happy working out, Sparkers!

KWRIGHT26 Posts: 482
1/28/11 11:00 A

For about $10 you can buy You Are Your Own Gym, by Mark Lauren. I think it's around $11 on and similarly priced on and at bookstores. It's all calisthenics and bodyweight strength training, and it's pretty much made for people who are crunched for time and space. I love it. The author is a spec ops trainer, and the one available online is the new second edition. Its kind of exciting to learn what you can do with little or no equipment, and I recommend it highly.

BELLAPOCOMO SparkPoints: (12,539)
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1/28/11 10:47 A

i had a gazelle and an ab machine to work out with - the gazelle was amazing, I wish I didn't have to get rid of it! (i moved and didn't want to move that) and I'm thinking about getting it back so I can have it again!

LYNNBERRY338 SparkPoints: (8,545)
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Posts: 89
1/28/11 10:31 A

I have a small home with tiny rooms and exercise in my home office with a space only the size of a yoga mat. I joined the 28-day Bootcamp Challenge team and was surprised to find I had room to do the 10-minute SP videos. I have dumbbells I store under my desk and bring in a kitchen chair for some of the moves. It's encouraged me to try some of the other DVDs others have mentioned!

GOING-STRONG Posts: 7,042
1/28/11 9:22 A

You really don't need a lot of room to do the Leslie Sansone walking dvd's. They would work in a small space. A pair of dumbbells would also be a good idea.

1/28/11 9:15 A

Resistance bands, pilates videos.

NPPMOM Posts: 601
1/28/11 8:14 A

I do Coach Nicole videos in my dinning room. All I do is move the table over a little to make some space and I'm all set to go.

LEANJEAN6 Posts: 18,848
1/28/11 7:50 A

DVD's are great!

DGPIAFFE16 Posts: 2,053
1/28/11 6:29 A

I just have a little bitty apartment too and I love the Jillian Michaels DVDs and wii games!

STALEYMATE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/28/11 6:22 A

I just finished Day 8 of the 30 day shred and LOVE this one! I ordered her Yoga one to supplement....hopefully it will be here today :)

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CHAOSTHEORY635 SparkPoints: (10,279)
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Posts: 318
1/28/11 1:18 A

Kettlebells! They're small but powerful. Martial arts! (Uh, be careful.) Deadlift your furniture! Do pushups or squat thrusts! Jump rope! (Don't wake your neighbors up!) Chase your cats around the apartment! (Mine LOVE this!) Planks! Bodyweight exercises! Pullups! (You can get a bar that wedges into a door frame and can easily be removed when you're done.)

GINAV2 Posts: 579
1/27/11 10:21 P

Lot of great ideas here! I just wanted to add that resistance bands are great in a small apartment because they don't use up much storage, and that you don't actually need high ceilings or a physical jump rope for a great quick cardio boost- just pretend you're holding one and skip away, lol.

1/27/11 9:26 P

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred is a good one for small spaces (each circuit is only 30 min though). P90X is pretty intense workout, if you're advanced, you could do that in a small space as well.

TRUELOVE662010 Posts: 282
1/27/11 8:54 P

My room is 11x12 and it's the only space I have for ALL my stuff. I sleep on a futon (doubles as a couch) and have about a 8x4 space to work out. Just enough to do ALL the p90x stuff. I have to turn sideways for lunges and sometimes I have to turn back and forth instead of going forward and back for distance. I store all my stuff under my futon - I have a basket of plates for my barbells, my barbells a dn 5, 8, 10, 15, and 25 lbs dumbells (in addition to my barbells with plates.) Bands are also a great idea for limited space they can hang on the wall! I have done ChaLean extreme, Jackie Warner DVDs, Slim in 6 and now p90x in this tiny space. You can do a lot with a little space - you can do it!!! You can run in place and do jumping jacks or jump rope, oh you can do it ALL in a small space. Maybe too small for a bowflex though, just saying. My exboyfriend had one and it took up a TON of space. My former boss had a total gym and she said it didn't take up any space at all, so if you are into equipment that might be an option. Just get creative girl, you can totally do this!!!

APPLEPIEDREAMS SparkPoints: (231,199)
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1/27/11 8:03 P

I lived in a 16x16 apartment for nearly five years. For strength training, you can do body weight exercises such as planks, tricep dips, etc. The SparkPeople workout generator can help you find some. Also, check out the Coach Nicole videos for cardio and strength - some of them require more space, but there are others that don't. Yoga videos usually don't take up that much space either - not a lot of high energy lateral movement going on. When I did yoga videos I'd have to shift around a little sometimes, but all the exercises still got done. Resistance bands can be used for strength and hardly take up any space at all.

It's good you're on the ground floor. I was on the middle floor and worried that bouncing around with cardio bothered the people below me.

1/27/11 8:01 P

im doin p90x and insaniTy in a very small area so i say fiTness dvds are a musT

CIERAPOET SparkPoints: (349,702)
Fitness Minutes: (234,195)
Posts: 33,927
1/27/11 6:57 P

A mini tramp is excellent and versatile. You can jump on it, walk and even jog. Follow the instructions. Stability balls are good in small spaces and the strength gear: hand weights and bands. A small bike is great for a small space. Blessings!

THETRASHCAN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5
1/27/11 6:42 P

I also use Leslie S.'s videos. I am a bit heavy footed so I bang around a lot which probably bothers my family, but I feel better afterwards. I also have a step and sometimes I watch tv and just go up and down on the step. I do the same with leg lifts. Sounds boring, but it seems to be working.

NYPOPS Posts: 165
1/27/11 6:31 P

jump rope if you have high enough ceilings, and hula hoop!

1/27/11 6:11 P

I also have a small apartment. While it is a challenge to find space for some workouts, most can be accommodated with a little creativity. I use fitness DVDs, but I also have a set of free weights that I stash under my bed, a yoga mat, and a few resistance bands. I just pair these with a cardio workout which can be anything really...running up the stairs ( I live on the 10th floor so a lot of stairs) or going for a fast paced walk around your neighborhood. Good luck.

1/27/11 5:05 P

Consider buying a FitDeck. There are a wide variety on Amazon. The Body Weight deck would be perfect, with lots of ideas to mix it up. I now have five different decks!

RENAE1979 SparkPoints: (56,040)
Fitness Minutes: (67,771)
Posts: 2,630
1/27/11 4:59 P

I have a pretty small living room and I find that I have enough room to do several workout DVDs (Leslie Sansone, Turbo Jam, etc.) and I love doing a lot of things with my Wii (Wii Fit Plus, Zumba, Just Dance, Wii Play and there are a lot more). Plus, if you have some small hand weights or toning bands, you can do a lot more in just a very small area.

SALLIS2 Posts: 26
1/27/11 4:48 P

jumping rope doesn't take up too much room and is a good way to get in a workout first thing in the morning

ASIWAMW Posts: 33
1/27/11 4:15 P

I used the Wii, also DVD's and have a yoga mat and free weights that fit under my TV stand so they do not take up any extra space.

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
1/27/11 3:50 P

do leg lifts

1/27/11 2:32 P Go here and you can watch clips of lots of different videos and see what you like. There are also reviews from people who have tried them.

I love any of the Walk Away the Pounds dvd's by Leslie Sansone.

1/27/11 2:19 P

I agree that DVDs are a great way to workout at home. I live in a condo and have been using the Biggest Loser DVDs as a morning workout. They set it up as a 6 week program and you alternate workouts for 6 days a week. Each workout doesn't last more than 45 minutes and it definitely makes you sweat - great start to the day! It's great for people, like myself, that can't get their butt out of bed all that early in the morning to go to the gym, workout, and get showered and ready there.

1/27/11 2:14 P

Stepper, small weights and workout videos

ANDREA409 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,359)
Posts: 2,555
1/27/11 11:53 A

I'm with the folks that push their coffee tables out of the way to do some workout DVD programs. These get me through the winter blahs. Good for my body AND mind! My favorite is pilates. :)

LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
1/27/11 11:42 A

Any at home fitness dvds would be fine for a small space.
There is a video blog entry from a man doing p90x in his tiny new york city studio apartment. I mean, it was tiny! He had space as small as a hallway - really super narrow.
I workout in my living room - i push the couches back and move the coffee table into the dining room to make more space.

KENFLAZZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 5
1/27/11 10:28 A

For strength training, there's a lot you can do without any equipment...

If you have 2 fairly sturdy kitchen/dining chairs of the same height, they can be used for angled push-ups, getting you a very good stretch on the way down. After the push-ups, simple turn around and those same chairs can be used for dips.. When you get stronger, you can elevate your legs with a 3rd chair putting more weight on your chest, shoulders, and triceps. If that's too much weight, you may want to start by doing pushups against a door frame simply moving your feet back to increase the resistance, using the open door frame to get a good stretch.

Lunges are great for leg development... With both feet side by side, step out with one leg dropping your pelvis until your back knee lightly touches the floor, then push yourself back up to your starting position with the extended leg, AND REPEAT with the other leg. Continue this until you can't do any more reps(and be prepared for some soreness over the next few days until you get used to the exercise)...

Good luck!

LISABRANDNEW11 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 481
1/27/11 10:24 A

I have used the Leslie Sanson "Walk Away the Pounds" DVDs. They don't require a lot of room. Also using toning bands will not require much room.

1/27/11 10:10 A

I do a lot of my workout in my bedroom, which has very limited space. I Zumba, Wii Fit, Insanity. I find that Dvd workouts work really well indoors. I also go outside for a walk or run around the complex from time to time & we have a small gym on property that I use too!

SLAMSLAM2 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,624)
Posts: 280
1/27/11 9:39 A

I do P90X in a small space in my home. There are few extras you need for the program that would take up more space.

1/27/11 9:30 A

I have started using my Xbox Kinect for Cardio.....

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
1/27/11 9:21 A

I love Leslie Sansone DVD's. Go to or check them out on Amazon. You basically walk in place but they are great workouts. emoticon She has some that use weights, some that you jog.

MAHAILS Posts: 241
1/27/11 9:01 A

This topic is of interest to me also. I don't live in a small apartment, but I have to do my fitness routine at home as I cannot afford a gym membership. I do have a treadmill at home - a very nice one - but I lack the motivation to use it regularly. I need to look into some of these ideas -put something else in the mix.

WEDDLEACE Posts: 262
1/27/11 8:58 A

We live in a small apartment too but I've been able to do a variety of aerobics DVDs (Biggest Loser Cardio Max; The Firm series) in my living room. The only equipment required are dumbells, which I keep tucked under our entertainment center. I just move the coffee table out of the way and get movin!

LEANJEAN6 Posts: 18,848
1/27/11 6:22 A

Do a CD ---

TIME2BLOOM4ME SparkPoints: (0)
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1/27/11 3:35 A


1/27/11 1:20 A

Go to and download the videos. Most of them have been shot in his apartment using minimal portable and easily stored equipment.

1/27/11 12:14 A

Hi folks,

I live in a teeny, tiny ground-floor bachelor apartment and would love some input on some effective cardio, strength and flexibility exercises for very small spaces (with no equipment - I've no room for anything extra).

I have a gym membership and I walk and cycle outside, but want ideas for those mornings and evenings when I'm unmotivated to leave the house.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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