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6/18/13 8:20 A

You could track it under "Farm work: general".

Then monitor your calorie deficit under "Reports" and "Daily Calorie Differential". If you're losing weight at approximately the same rate of your calorie deficit then you should be getting an accurate calorie burn. If you're losing much slower than your calorie deficit, you may be overestimating your calories burned and you'll have to adjust. Make sure you enter your weekly calorie burn into your "Fitness setup" to get an accurate calorie range.

Keep in mind your body adapts to your regular daily activity the same as it adapts to your regular cardio routine after awhile and you do not burn as many calories. If your body is used to hard labour, it may not be burning as many calories as you might think because of this adaptation. You have to push your body harder and keep challenging it. So be careful not to track every little activity. Spark already takes into account "light activity" when determining your BMR and calorie range.

A heart rate monitor may be a useful tool in determining how many calories you burn during the day performing regular activities.

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6/18/13 2:08 A

I used to work retail, and would be on feet, in heels, running up and down the aisles all day. I'm sure I walked a crazy number of miles, but I wouldn't count it as "exercise."

When you're exercising, you should be focusing on pushing yourself. You should be focused. It should be a personal indulgence, not an assigned chore.

That being said, SP does have gardening on its exercises you can track...but I would use it wisely, because I've known some pretty lazy gardeners in my time.


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6/17/13 10:14 P

I mean purposeful exercise; you know, deliberate "things I'm doing to get fit." You are active, no doubt; but it's not something you track the same way. It's too easy to overestimate your calorie burn, because these aren't well studied activities.

You absolutely DO need more calories, but if these are things you do every day, you aren't burning as many as say, I would (who doesn't do these daily) because your body has adapted.

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6/17/13 9:44 P

If I didn't count housecleaning and going up and down stairs with laundry, I would get a lot less exercise! emoticon

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6/17/13 9:20 P

actual exercise?
my every day work is not like most peoples, I swing a 12 pound axe to split wood (my only form of heat so lots of wood to split) and carrying in half a cord of wood at a time is more work than I used to do at the gym with a trainer LOL . Carrying water in 5 gallon buckets is 50 lbs per side up a hill from the lake, which certainly get the heart rate up and the perspiration flowing. Taking care of the property involves downing trees, repairing docks, shovelling gravel and sand for driveway and beach....and those are just a few of the things that I do when I am "not working"

gosh writing it out like that, no wonder I had to up my calories before I started loosing weight lol

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6/17/13 11:13 A

It's not advised to track your everyday activities as exercise. That's because the more you do something, the more you adapt to it, where it's not improving fitness or burning as many calories as you would think. SP already accounts for daily activity including housework, daily living, shopping, etc.

That's explained here:

If you have an active job, however, you probably do need more calories than you would if you had a sedentary job. Here's how you account for those:

Remember that your exercise tracker is for tracking purposeful exercise, not everything you do in a day. No one will think you're not doing anything. ;) For heart health (and best results with weight loss) you still do need to do regular, actual exercise.

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6/17/13 10:38 A

if anyone looked at my exercise tracker, there is nothing there... looks like I sit on my butt all day and do nothing :(
no, I don't go to the gym or go running
I do, work as a housekeeper at a hotel, carry wood in for my woodstove which is my only form of heat in the house, walk my large dog, maintain my property, etc etc
is there a way to track these things?
thanks :)

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