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CAPTAINMORGAN2 Posts: 17,166
7/24/12 11:02 A

I know that but my last attempt at logging in minutes gave a second entry and combined my 20 minutes of exercise with the 88 calories I had entered and entered it as my exercise for 1088 minutes and gave me 1100 calories burned when i was "trying" to enter 88 for 20 minutes of exercise. If that has been happening often it is giving me a very wrong amount of exercise minutes because i am entering something wrong. Thank you and I love your dog's picture, Georgine

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,480
7/24/12 10:44 A

That number is the accumulation of fitness minutes since you have been on the site. If you go to the My Trackers tab, select Reports and then select the report for Fitness Minutes Over Time to see some of your past logged fitness minutes.

Coach Denise

CAPTAINMORGAN2 Posts: 17,166
7/23/12 11:58 P

I just read i was congratulated for 7000 exercise minutes and i doubt that is so. I don't like posting into the exercise screen as it seems confusing to me so i seldom use it but now am thinking I must have been doing something wrong when i did post. Is it possible for me to see what I have posted in the past. i just deleted one and I clearly did something wrong. I was putting in 20 minutes of heavy housework earning 88 calories and there were 2 entries but one had the 20 minutes added to the 88 calories so had me burning 1100 calories if I remember correctly. I will NEVER post my exercise again!! Obviously I still don't understand how it works. GEorgine

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