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12/18/12 6:48 P

I don't know exactly how the fitbit works, but it sounds like it takes your complete daily calorie burn for the entire 24 hour period.
I had read on something of Jillian MIchaels where she explained for her to maintain. She said that she knows that she burns about 2000 calories in the total day! so as long as she eats around 2000 calories she can maintain. IF she was looking to lose, she would lower that amount she eats to reflect that.

SO Find where your complete calorie burn is for the entire day, and if you are saying currently you are only maintaining, but want to lose, take that total number, subtract about 500 calories and make that your mid range calorie amount to eat.


DALCANT757 Posts: 152
12/18/12 6:05 P

I think the fitbit is meant to be more of a motivator than a tool to tell you how much to eat. I agree with Jen about sticking to your regular plan if it has been working for you.

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12/18/12 4:18 A

Physical activity prevent you from diseases, help in weight loss and weight management and better sleep. Exercise make you happier and more relaxed than you were before you worked out. Regular physical activity can even help prevent depression and high blood pressure. Exercise help in burn calories.

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12/17/12 9:25 P

My fitbit calorie burn on the fitbit site itself is fine and I actually have good results using it as my allowance. The allowance fitbit gives based on my loss goals, is quite similar to the lower to middle end of my Spark range. But this aspect is a little confusing with the way the two sites link.

Spark is pulling over all our fairly active and very active minutes from fitbit as exercise minutes. In terms of minutes, this works out fine for me because most of the minutes at this activity level are exercise in my case. There are some incidental activity like when I walk to run errands or jog in place during commercials, but I only see these activity levels when I am actually pretty active.

The main issue is with the calorie burn it credits as exercise. I am not sure, but I think it is just the total calorie burn during those minutes which does include our bmr so it is more than we would log if we were to log all of it as exercise. I found if I set my weekly goal about 1000 calories less than what it typically credits me for the week (not a precise number but I wanted to exclude my bmr for that time in the week and a little extra for non-exercise activity), my allowance seems fine. I just ignore the "burning too many calories message" that appears later in the week. Also, I made sure my spark weight loss goal deadline matched the date that fitbit predicts I will be at goal and that seems to help.

I like how spark pulls the activity minutes from fitbit. But figuring out how to work with the exercise calorie burn it gives is a little confusing.

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12/17/12 9:23 A

I've not used a Fitbit myself, but one of the complaints about it I've seen is that it tends to overestimate calories burned. What's your progress been like while staying in the 1200-1500 calorie range? I think if that's still working, you could stick with it until you find that it's not.

Coach Jen

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12/17/12 7:38 A

I have synced my fit bit with sparks and it gives me lots of exercise minutes and calories burned. Before when i logged exercise i didn't count what i did at work.. now it logs everything and says i am not eating enough. How would i be correct or sparks correct with the fitbit settings? With the updated calories i would be eating 1590-1900 calories. before i added fitbit i was eating 1200-1500 range. my usual average was 1350, With this amount i am maintaining my weight. I guess the real question is should i eat more?

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