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12/20/12 10:48 P

I forgot to mention jumping jacks! Just be considerate of hotel neighbors. I do it in pool area, outside, or in exercise/fitness room. Work up to 1000 in one set! Hard to do!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/20/12 10:46 P

In addition to those notes already, I bring a swim suit, stretchy band, and running shoes. I walk or jog early every day when I travel. I have jogged in every major city (and small ones) I have visited. Even if I only have time for 1 mile ( 8 - 12 minutes), I can get some exercise. I went to Europe once for 17 days, and jogged every day in a new place in 7 countries!

While waiting for airplanes, I walk around the airport. Minneapolis airport had a one mile loop laid out for victims of layovers.

When waiting at airports in line to board planes, I do calf raises. After using the toilet, hang onto the end and do about 15 tricep raises.

You can do wall push-ups in public, floor push-ups in your hotel room. It takes me about 20 minutes to do around 400 ab/core/sit-up exercises. On rare occasions I have done these in public, but usually only in the hotel room.

You can stretch in public places - I do it all the time. At meetings you can do "deskercise" see both the Thread by that title, and also the SP article on it. Great tips there!

I change the shoulder in which I carry my bag, and do neck stretches and strengthing while driving in cars and public transportation.

On airplanes in flight, I do cheek (butt) squeezes. After three hours one will be sore the next day! Also in public one can suck in your gut - pull in your belly. Always when standing, walking. Stand and sit up straight. It takes more back muscles than slouching. Have your ears over your shoulders over your hips....all day long when standing or sitting. Works great in meeting!

Also, pull your shoulder blades back together. Takes strong muscles to do it! Then try to put them in your back pocket! Great stretch and strengthener.

Learn Pilates and Yoga so you can do it on your own....anywhere in the world. One can do a mat exercise with no equipment for 90 minutes and never repeat an exercise. Try doing plank for 2-3 minutes without a break!

The list is endless. I didn't even get to stretchy band exercises!

See threads on "vacation." I wrote a longer post there with tons of ideas picked up over decades at working on this. I continue to be surprised how many exercises can be done all day long, in any position, and how many can be done without others knowing you are doing them!

Also, ask flight attendants! Most of the girls are in great shape. How do they do it on their long trips? Find out!

Good luck!

Experiment, be resourceful, get active, and stay with it! Good luck!

I swim in pools in hotels, counting times, not laps. It helps to be able to do a flip turn to get more exercise. Don't sit at the end of the pool and rest!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
12/20/12 5:03 A

You can work out almost every muscle in the body with bodyweight exercises or "equipment" already in your hotel room. The only one that I haven't figured out a really safe way to do in a hotel room is the middle back.

Chest: pushups
Shoulders: pike press
Biceps: pick up a chair and curl it up
Triceps: bench dips off a chair or side of bed; diamond pushups
Traps: pick up a chair and shrug it
Lower Back: supermans on the floor, single leg deadlift, bodyweight good mornings
Abs: crunches, V-ups, L-sit, plank
Obliques: side plank, bicycle crunches
Glutes/Hamstrings/Quads: bodyweight squats, lunges
Calves: single leg calf raise
Cardio: jump up and down in place (phantom jump rope)

For middle back (lats), you need to be able to row something or to do a pullup or some version of it, or a pulldown. Unfortunately you will break the shower curtain rod if you try to use it as a pullup bar... If you can do unassisted pullups, and you happen by a playground, do a few sets of pullups on the playground bar. I do this right here in my own neighborhood and when I travel, I keep my eyes open for a playground nearby. It only takes 2 minutes.

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12/19/12 6:55 P

I will add too, that many hotel chains affiliate themselves with fitness centers for their customers for no fee or a very nominal fee at best. Just a thought...

Coach Nancy

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12/19/12 6:08 P

thanks for the advice guys. Yeah I bring a laptop with me so I will have to check out the workout dvds and also see about getting a resistance band.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,461
12/19/12 5:57 P

One of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can get are resistance bands - cheap, versatile and extremely portable. This will enable you to get in a strength workout in your own hotel room. Bodyweight strength exercises are also an obvious idea.

In terms of cardio, ask at the front desk if they have a recommended walking/running route. My guess is that they probably have a sketch map on hand outlining a fairly straightforward and easily navigable route. And if it is late at night, or you feel the hotel is in a somewhat sketchy area, climbing the hotel stairs is a great workout in as little as 10 minutes.


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12/19/12 5:55 P

Since you're traveling for work, are you traveling with a laptop? If so, bring fitness DVDs with you. (I like Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer when I'm traveling, since all I need to bring with me, equipment-wise, is an exercise band).

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12/19/12 5:44 P

Just wondering if anyone has any good exercise tips and routines for one who travels all the time. I travel during the week for work and hotel fitness centers are not always the best.

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