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I'm glad I found this topic. I've been thinking about finding some other things for my granddaddy to do for exercise. He has a lot of upper body strength from the work he did when my mom was growing up (he's 90 now, but looks and acts a lot younger). My grandfather had his left leg amputated back in March 2011. When he came home and was assessed by a physical therapist, the physical therapist assistant did some exercises with him. There were quite a few that he could do in bed (2 sets of 15).

These are on the ones that are on the sheet that she left with him (with a picture and brief description of what to do).

1) Ankle Pumps: bend ankles up and down, alternating feet
2) Quad Sets: Slowly tighten muscled on thigh of straight leg (the opposing leg is bent at the knee)
3) Gluteal squeezes: squeeze butt muscles as tightly as possible (she wrote a note that "squeeze together")
4) Heel Slides: Gently bring one knee up as far as possible, keeping foot on floor
5) Short Arc Quads: Slowly tighten muscles on thigh of straight leg
6) Straight Leg Raises: Bend one leg. Raise other leg 6/8 inches with knee locked
7) Hip Abduction: On back: Slide one or both legs out to the side. Keep kneecap pointing toward ceiling. Gently bring leg back to pillow.
-another one they have him do is to lay on his side and lift the leg.
8) Bridges: Lie on back with feet shoulder width apart. Lift hips toward the ceiling.
9) Hip Extension: On stomach. Tighten muscles on front of thigh, then lift leg 6 inches from the surface, keeping the knee locked.
10) Bent Knee Stability: On stomach, have a pillow under your stomach for support (and one under your forehead for support if needed). Bend knee and slowly raise hip. Avoid arching lower back.

He also does some stuff with the bands. A friend of his visits during the week and walks with him up and down the ramp for his wheelchair.

I think that some of these can be found in the

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6/9/13 12:49 P

SP has a lifestyle center for those with limited mobility you should check out!

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6/9/13 9:45 A

I admire you for your desire to keep a healthy life in spite of an amputation!

There are many great ideas out there for people who have limited mobility. I found a Sparkpeople video of chair exercises.

And I agree that people will admire you for moving in spite of your amputation. There's a lady at my gym who broke her neck but walks with a can. She exercises regularly. I also run races and I saw a couple of people who inspired me. In a 7k, there was a lady using crutches. During a recent half marathon, a man passed me who was a blade runner. Not sure how he lost his leg but it sure didn't stop him!

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I'm sorry to hear that you have lost a leg. I don't know how far up the amputation was placed, or how long ago your surgery was, so in assuming the worst, here it goes.....

With your walker for stabilization, you can do curtsey squats with the remaining leg. You can also use the seated leg press at the gym if you go, as well as calf extensions, leg extensions, leg curls.

All upper body exercises can be done using body weight and circuit training machines. Crutches will help you get around better in the gym setting (I speak from experience) and they will give you one serious upper body workout and be great for a warm up as well. My triceps were toned and bulging inside of just a couple of weeks when I was laid up with a broken tibia. Although I had to modify some of the exercises, I still worked every other part of my body. I carried my protein shake and my water in a back pack that I toted with me throughout the gym. Yes it was slow going, but nonetheless, I kept on.....


Don't forget about your abs and back muscles.

You are only limited by your imagination. And if you go to the gym, you will undoubtedly become a hero in the eyes of many. High 5's to you!!!

Kudos on your determination!! emoticon

6/8/13 10:11 P

What exercises can be done in a wheelchair or on a walker? I had to have a leg amputated but I still need to lose weight and need to exercise.

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