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2/27/13 7:40 A

bootcamp or circuit training

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,946
2/27/13 7:35 A

The Coach Nicole videos are listed in the tracker. So just search for "bootcamp day 1" or whatever you're doing and it should come up.

You should not track walking unless you do it for 10 continuous minutes. Personally I would not count 5 minutes of walking in my tracker.

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2/27/13 1:23 A

Pilates for People with Limitations?

I've looked at some videos, and read some articles on pilates and I find it very appealing:

* Using the body as the equipment to train the body with
* Slow motions combining strength, stretch, and endurance

However, I have significant problems with my lumbar spine (stenosis), and my right shoulder.

Anybody know where I can find enough exercises to put together a routine to work around these issues.

Currently, I do walking and recumbent bike for cardio, yoga/stretch and back safe abs, as well as shoulder/back flexibility and strengthening exercises, as well as upper and lower body weight training. WRT walking, on good days I can walk at 2 MPH for an hour. On bad days I'm lucky to get to 15 minutes at 1.5 MPH.

It doesn't seem like I'm asking the right questions, even.


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12/17/12 1:29 P

Thank you, I'm checking it!

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12/17/12 1:08 P

Sparkpeople has an experts answer on how to track classes/DVDs/videos (or any exercise really) that's not explicitly included in the tracker:

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12/17/12 11:15 A

There's an exercise option for walking 2 mph, so I use that for walking round town, and walk probably more briskly than that. In the summer it got my heart rate up walking ion the sun. Yesterday I got a sweat up walking. I make a point, weather permitting, of parking the car and then walking to most places I go to. I'm also often carrying shopping (groceries etc). I don't count walking around the village where I live.
I've got a fitbit (hopefully) in the post, so hope that will help me in the new year, if it hasn't been nicked before I get it... (has happened to me once).

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
12/17/12 8:46 A

Pilates isn't cardio, so there's not a ton of calories burned. Depending on the video, you can use different categories. For my boot camp style interval videos, I use circuit training. For the videos I do that involve a lot of plyo/jumping, I tupically use high impact, sometimes cricuit if they're done interval style.

As for 'walking around town" are you getting your heart rate up? Is this walking you do to get places routinely? I wouldn't count that as a workout at all. Spark already takes daily activity into account, and that's like "double dipping" and could overinflate your calories burned and lead you to eat more than you should for effective weight loss.

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12/17/12 8:27 A

What categories do exercise videos like swimsuit bootcamp, new you bootcamp video 1, 28 day bootcamp video 1, abs videos come under? They are hard work for me and to put the pilates videos under stretching, for 1/2 calorie a minute seems hard. What is the calorie burned rate for pilates? I couldn't find it.
Also, I have been putting all my walking around town, whether 5 minutes or 15, into one total? Is that OK?

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