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5/15/13 8:56 P

Gordonmoose - I think height doesn't always tell you if you've got short/long legs. that might be it.

either way, I'm 5'2" so the smallest ball will be for me

I am considering pilates on the ball for good ab work.

5/15/13 3:12 P

They recommend a 65 cm ball for my height (5 foot 9), but when i sit on a 55 cm, my knee is at a right angle like they suggest. A 65 cm ball feels too big for most exercises. I'm wondering what others here think of that link's suggestions.

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5/15/13 2:05 P

This will help you figure out what size to you, which is based on height, not weight:

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

5/15/13 1:58 P

It depends which exercises you do on them, but generally speaking, a good size is the distance from the floor to above your knee, measured when seated.

"and I was wondering if its easy on the back? "

Again, it depends which exercises you do. It also depends on whether you use good form, and what your back limitations are. If you have back problems, it's probably best to get your doctor's approval first, and then work with a fitness professional to learn how to use the ball correctly. Or just skip the ball and use a different mode of exercise?

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5/15/13 11:09 A

I am thinking of using fitness balls. I don't know what size to use or if I should go up in size because I'm over 200 pounds right now

and I was wondering if its easy on the back?

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