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1/28/09 2:01 P

Having been diagnosed almost 18 years ago and having many burst, my advice is if you feel you can do it, go for it. You cannot make the cyst worse by trying (it's already burst) You may feel some pain, if then, stop.

The adreline can actually relieve some pain and speed up healing.

1/28/09 1:49 P

WOW! My doctor told my October 31 of last year that I have PCOS. He knows that I am trying to lose weight, but he didn't say anything about restricting my activity level at all. He said it wouldn't require surgery, which surprised me. I need to lose about 112 pounds, as he said for me to aim for 150. He said weight loss can help them go away. Sometimes when I lift something heavy at work, or even sneeze, my ovaries will ache for a little bit. On days like that, I just try to take it easy (i.e. not lifting any more heavy stuff, maybe walk instead of do cardio, etc). I would say just feel it out each day. Some days you may feel like you can do a little more, but I would listen to my doctor too, he did go to school for a long time! :p

KMBEATTY Posts: 16
1/27/09 8:46 P

I am interested in all these posts...I was diagnosed with PCOS and never really told anything one way or the other (that is why I am switching Gynocologists). Can anyone explain to me what it feels like to have a cyst burst? What it feels like the rest of the time and anything else that I have likely been experiencing and not knowing what it was!

SNOOPY728 Posts: 1
1/27/09 7:56 P

I just found out that I have fibroids and a cyst after I miscarried. My doctor told me not to run which I miss but I totally understand because I am so uncomfortable and I'm experiencing a dull pain. I am still walking but as soon as I start to feel discomfort and pain, I stop. The doctor said within a month they should go away and I am praying they do. I've never had a problem with fibroids or a cyst and I hope to start trying again in 2 - 3 months for a baby.

PHILLYGIRL2012 Posts: 984
1/7/09 12:36 P

Cysts or fibroids are going to hurt regardless of what you do. I don't understand the doc's advice of taking it easy. Maybe if the doc gave heavy duty pain meds, but otherwise I went on with life as usual.

GOZERGIRL Posts: 105
1/7/09 11:23 A

I have Polycystic Kidney disease which means I get cysts in my kidneys. During an outbreak I take it easy. Better to have a few days off than risk busting a cyst and having a week or more off!

ALARRIS SparkPoints: (0)
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1/7/09 10:32 A

This is GREAT to know! I have ovarian cysts too, as a result of endemetriosis - and was really nervous about how soon would be too soon to start exercising. I think I will just take it easy and slowly work my way back in.. Thanks!!

ASHLEENC Posts: 160
9/9/08 9:24 P

I have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome so I completely understand what you're saying. Believe it or not exercising will help you. However, as fun as Turbo Jam is it might be a little too intense for you right now. Maybe you could try the elliptical machine for a couple of days to get your cardio in? Good luck with everything :)

9/9/08 8:13 P

A few years back I had an ovarian cyst, which developed into a mass. I ended up having surgery and losing my ovary. Cysts do hurt extremely bad. But I say if you are feeling well enough to exercise then I say you can try. If you start feeling bad, quit.


9/8/08 2:10 P

I've had one ovarian cyst that required surgery but also repeated identified cysts that have self-resolved (without bursting as far as I know). It's frequently the case that they ebb and flow with your menstrual cycle changing with your hormones. It may be that a few days would get you through that period and that's why your doctor is suggesting that much rest.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
9/8/08 2:00 P

I don't have an ovarian cyst, but I have a uterine fibroid. I have exercised but mostly walking for the cardio portion or water aerobics. The fibroid can hurt like a B**** as well. I am most likely looking at surgery as hormone therapy is going to cause more problems. I am waiting for the final results to come from the hematologist. In the meantime, my doctor told me to exercise but not to over do it.

ALMEKAY Posts: 57
9/6/08 7:43 P

I have had to have surgery on one of mine and I do not recommend that to anyone. I would much rather put up with the cyst than have the surgery.

9/6/08 4:39 P

Hmm, I've had ovarian cysts (treated with birth control pills) on a couple occasions and didn't have to reduce my activity... but if your doctor told you to do so, I'd err on the side of caution and listen to him.

Hope yours go away! The last time I had them, the doc said if the hormones didn't make them go away that it would be surgery. EcK!

ALMEKAY Posts: 57
9/6/08 3:49 P

I too have also experienced the ovarian cyst problem on more than one occasion. I think they hurt worse while they are growing. When mine rupture it is a very sharp pain that only last maybe 1-2 mins. Then I ache. But the good news is once it ruptures, the next day the pain is less and with each passing day it becomes less. I also find that when I have a cyst I weigh more, usually about 5 lbs and the pain I experience up until it bursts is very bad and I don't want to do anything but lay around. If you'
re feeling really good today, it may have ruptured or shrunk in size. I say if you're feeling good, then exercise. If it's going to rupture it will do it if you are resting or exercising. emoticon

9/6/08 3:30 P

What about some really gentle yoga, or something like leg lifts? Or perhaps a long walk where you stay close to your home - that way if you start feeling poorly you can zip back into the house. Having a cyst burst is probably not going to improve your day. :)

Or maybe you can think of this as a good time to catch up on your stretching, which is great for building lean muscle. There should be lots of yoga for pregnancy/chronic pain dvds out there, and those are probably a better option than TurboJam.

I agree with everyone that taking it easy is exactly what you should be doing since your doc recommended it, even though that's not what you want to hear. :) Good luck with everything!

RAMSMOM Posts: 17
9/6/08 3:03 P

There is a reason your doc told you to take it easy. Your body needs to repair itself!! Listen to your doc. If you must be active today, do an easy walk just to test the waters.

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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9/6/08 2:40 P

I've had ovarian cysts before and ya they do hurt when they burst like a son of a gun .. but I say work out, less your doc has told you not to do so, some times working out can keep you feeling better and make the pains less.

PEGHARP Posts: 252
9/6/08 2:30 P

I certainly think that following your doctor's advice, a person who has examined you, makes a lot more sense than taking different advice from strangers on the internet who have never seen you.

Better safe than sorry!

TORR07 Posts: 117
9/6/08 2:27 P

okay, so I just found out (on Thrusday) that I have ovarian cysts (and for those of you who have never had one, they hurt like ****) My doctor told me to take it easy for a few days but today I feel great and would like to do maybe 30 minutes of turbo jam... Should I hold off a couple more days or have at it and stop if I start feeling bad?

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