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9/7/13 12:20 P

I try to use the same strategy suggested below by ALBERTJON -- I try to fill up on filling, but low calorie foods. I try to increase my intake of lean protein and fibrous veggies -- like some lean chicken and brocolli -- or a crunchy salad. They satisfy my desire to chew and "feel full," but do not add empty calories. I try to avoid reaching for unhealthy snack foods at those times.

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9/6/13 10:39 A

Yes, I just increased my workout and just yesterday evening I was so hungry after my workout. I had a slice of wheat toast and a hard boiled egg and felt better. I think I will increase my protein and go from there.. But yes, it is very normal.

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9/3/13 2:55 A

Yes, it can be very normal for some of us. I often get very hungry when I have exercised a lot.

One thing I do that often helps me keep from over-consuming calories is that I eat some very filling, tasty things that are not calorie-dense. For examples: (1) a shredded cabbage salad with crumbled egg, sliced tomatoes, etc. Very filling and not all that many calories. (2) broiled slices of seasoned zucchini. (3) apples and/or bananas (4) large bowl of un-buttered popcorn

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9/2/13 5:54 P

I like to walk and do the WII fit. Sometimes using the Wii, I do get hungry, but usually just walking helps me not be hungry.

9/2/13 3:42 P

Agreed. Normal! For me the day following a HEAVY weight lifting day, I'm ravenous :p

SWIMMERGIRL0222 Posts: 785
9/1/13 7:49 P

It's completely normal! I notice when I have a really intense workout I usually need to eat about 200-300 extra calories just to keep me from feeling famished. Try snacking on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and/or maybe a protein shake. The trick is picking the right food to fill up on and making sure you are eating in moderation :)

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8/29/13 8:47 P

It is a common response when starting/increasing an exercise program for your muscles to retain water. This one-off increase in your lean mass can actually result in an increase in the scale, even as you are burning fat. It is unlikely that you are 'gaining weight' in the traditional sense.

But higher levels of exercise do need the appropriate level of intake to support them. Eating too little can mean your body is not fueled enough to work out hard, or provide enough nutrients for muscle repair, etc from that exercise. But if you use this as an excuse to eat too much, then you could be undoing your efforts.

A few ideas for keeping things in check:

* Enter your exercise levels into Spark, and see what intake it recommends for you
* Ensure you are properly rehydrated after a workout - sometimes the body can confuse thirst with hunger
* A post-workout snack (ideally a combination of carbs and protein) can help refuel your body and avoid feeling ravenous later. Pre-planning a healthy post-workout snack can refuel your body without blowing your calorie budget
* Increased exercise can drive your protein requirements higher, and hunger is often because your body is signalling a need for more specific nutrients, rather than more calories - you should ensure that your protein intake is well within the recommended range.


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8/29/13 4:04 P

I for sure always want to eat more after working out! And your body needs the additional fuel, but LSANGANGE is absolutely right; you need to be eating the right kinds of foods.

That is some info on how to structure post-workout food, and then some great suggestions as well!

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8/29/13 2:33 P

it is absolutely normal emoticon

You do however need to adjust what you are eating and make sure you are choosing healthy foods now. You can eat just need to eat the right foods

emoticon on the increase in Excercise

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
8/29/13 2:30 P

I began execising more and now I want to eat more! I gained a few lbs! For me strenous exercise makes me want to eat! Is this normal? I'm not talking about binging, just eating more food.

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