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2/3/12 10:05 P

Only time I tend to see a lot of food ad's is when N and I are watching Biggest Loser its rediculas the ads we see - all american of course because its a us feed but still it makes watching the show semi annoying.

In the past hour watching TV on a Canadian station there has only been 3 food commercials, one for Subway, the body break fitness thing of eating healthy x veggies/fruit a day and another not really a food commercial but for zantic (which advertized take one and eat all your old favs again).

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2/3/12 4:56 P

What I usually do is, make a mental note of a food ad that looks really good and promise myself that I'll get it down the road when I'm having a cheat day, which is not often, but that satisfies me, and 75% of the time I forget.

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2/3/12 4:07 P

One thing I think it does influence is our idea of what is a proper portion size. There has been a lot of recent research on cues and eating behavior. Especially in the US, people don't base how much they eat on how hungry they are, rather what seems to look right based on a complex network of visuals. You've heard it: plate size, what is served, etc. Americans like to be in the clean plate club.

I think commercials and ads are a cue.

For example, I recall seeing an ad for an upscale frozen pizza that shall remain nameless. There was a romantic setting, a couple, etc etc, the whole nine yards. Both the man and the woman had a whole thin crust pizza on their plate. I noted this and in my mind I thought, that must be the proper portion. I really thought that. Out of curiosity, I looked at the pizza box at the store. There are three servings per pizza. Three. Yet the ad told me that the pizza was for one person. The average American who saw the ad would probably buy one of these pizzas per person, right?

2/3/12 1:01 P

Yeah, fortunately I'm past the point where it really affects me much because I'm more aware of my food choices and healthy lifestyle but I just wonder how much influence it has on us as a whole, with it being in our minds. Maybe you don't run out and get the DiGornio pizza with breadsticks right when you see the commercial, but then pick it up next time you're grocery shopping because it's there subconsciously, or even consciously, saying hmm, that looked really good on tv.

I can't imagine it's good for us to have the constant barrage of food commercials.

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2/3/12 12:45 P

I've noticed this as well. Especially at night. This makes things difficult for us who want to get out of the habit of snacking at night! or maybe I'm noticing it more because i want a snack, lol

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2/3/12 11:39 A

Ads never had an effect of me (at least none I know of). I hardly see them anymore as I do not watch much tv, but even when I did, people would ask if I saw the new commercial for "________" and my answer was always no. I just tune them out and go do other things.

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2/3/12 11:28 A

I know I spend less time in front of the TV for that very reason....I realized I would be perfectly content and then an add would come on and I would have to talk myself out whatever was being advertised..... emoticon

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2/3/12 11:25 A

I live in the US now but I spent the past 6 years in the UK. One thing to remember is that there are are four main BBC channels and a few other BBC channels (see ) and, like PBS in the US, none of them show ads. Meaning that the main channels with the main TV shows that everyone watches in the UK for sorta free (you pay a TV tax every year if you have a TV) have no food ads.

That said, apparently British people are "the fattest in Europe", , mostly because they eat the same terrible fake food that Americans do.

2/3/12 11:14 A

I was at the gym the other night and half-paying attention the TVs, and I started to notice that there seem to be an insane amount of food commercials. (I don't watch much tv generally, or else I might have noticed this earlier.)
Off the top of my head, I remember Olive Garden, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Weight Watchers snack cakes, Yoplait, General Mills cereals, Pizza Hut, DiGornio.. and this was in the span of the half-hour show I was just glancing at occasionally.

Some the ads were for items arguably healthier than others, but it just got me thinking.. to what extent is this constant reminder of food and barrage of commercials with steaming cheesey pizzas and juicy gigantic burgers unhealthy for our food relationship? Mental cravings, and bringing food constantly to the forefront of your mind, etc.

Then from there I got wondering if we have more food commercials during our program here in the US than other countries. I'd be curious to look into this a bit more, but it just reminded me that the food industry is an industry, designed to make huge sums of money on their processed foods, and a nice reaffirmation of my commitment to choosing healthy, fresh, whole foods, and actually cooking as opposed to microwaving a frozen dinner.

It was just interesting.

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