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4/13/13 4:20 P

I am addicted to fitness, exercise and SP. Yesterday I worked out for 170 min on my elliptical, 60 strengthening and 10 stretching. My normal workout is 170 min. It has taken 30 years or more to get to this level.

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4/13/13 3:27 P


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3/27/13 10:30 A

Just be sure to listen to your body. If it hurts, give it a break or rest.

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3/27/13 10:26 A

Coach Nancy is right, you do need to push yourself, but not to a ridiculous degree. If you feel good doing what you are doing, then just push yourself. You can do more at YOUR pace, because your pace won't be anyone else's. Good luck!

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3/26/13 11:03 P


You take where you are and move forward--not where you want to be. If doing 20-25 minutes is doable for you, than most certainly that is fine. I often remind people that while doing too little will not bring results, so will doing too much. That said, exercise for the long term is what you see yourself maintaining not just when losing weight, but days and weeks beyond that time. This is why it is best to do what you see you can maintain for a lifetime.

Coach Nancy

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3/26/13 10:58 P

I started this month with 18 mins excerise on the wii playing the biggest loser and after supper 20 mins on the excerise bike.. Next month I want 25 mins on the excerise bike the month after tnat I plan to walk 30 mins a day... Every month I want to add 5 mins to im at 65 or 70 mins a day am I doing too much? Or not enough starting out?

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