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9/28/10 5:32 P

Welcome to Spark! There's a lot of info and support here to help you through life's "EVENTS". For me, eating things that are healthy and filling beforehand really help curb my cravings. I also carry a glass of water around with me, to keep my hands occupied and keep people from constantly offering my stuff. And, if all else fails and you indulge a little at one event, don't let it deter you from staying on the path to health!
Good luck! - HK

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9/28/10 5:09 P

Sounds like you have a busy month!! My plans for this month are Head Start things, Early Head Start outings, MOPS, Girl Scouts, work, planning for another party, and daily chores! Awesome for tackling another thing that is what I tell myself! emoticon emoticon I love my new lifestyle!

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9/28/10 11:58 A

Hello everyone I'm new to sparkpeople. I've made my introduction on the appropriate page. I fell this will be better than the other diet centers I've joined.
I'm starting on a rough month. I have a surprise party, engagement party and a wedding this month. How do I plan for this. Thanks for you help.

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