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2/11/12 5:41 P

It's also matter of if you're actually hungry or not. My doc once told me that if you're craving junk food-you may just be craving, not actually hungry. In this case drinking some water makes a big difference. If you feel hungry and think that, say, a banana would hit the spot then you're hungry, and it's okay to eat! Just be mindful of what you're putting in your body. All things in moderation :)

2/11/12 10:25 A

"Pig" was a wrong word choice--I wasn't being literal. I really like how I handle myself during the day. I am getting my calories in as the doctor advised. It is the lack of control once I hit the house.

I think the suggestion of finding a way to break the habit of coming home and going to the kitchen is really what I need to do. It is a habit; you are right. Thanks.

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2/10/12 11:07 A

We are all creatures of habit. I know that I'm not that hungry first thing in the morning but by 9 I'd eat just about anything and will be ravenous until about 1. So what I have started doing is eating a small snack in the morning right with my coffee. Then bring a healthy breakfast and lunch to work. I eat a late breakfast and early lunch. I'm hungry at dinner but know like you that just before bed I'm going to be hungry again. I discovered that I'm not actually hungry but thirsty. I read here that sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst so I figure what the heck see if that is what it is.

I have a glass of water or (don't tell anyone) a glass of diet cola and my urge to eat disapears. So I allow myself my one indulgence every night. A glass of diet soda an hour or so before bed. Not a great haibt to replace eating with but it helps.

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2/10/12 9:59 A

Heather, you are NOT a pig because you eat a bit more at dinner than you'd like. Celia is quite correct. Let's get rid of those negative connotations and labels. Instead, as the old song does,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for the positive things you do during the day and try not to beat up on yourself because you ate a little too much at night.

If you eat right at breakfast and lunch, that IS still a step in the right direction. Remember, you're trying to change habits learned over a lifetime. that's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year. Change takes time. thus the need to be patient with yourself and your body.

What to do ? Keep eating right at breakfast and lunch. With TIME, those healthy habits will creep into your night time eating.

Now, one thing I will ask you is whether or not you're eating enough at breakfast and lunch. If you're not eating filling foods in the morning, that would explain why you feel ravenous in the evening. Do you eat 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day ? If not, eating more servings of fresh veggies can and will help you decrease your cravings. Eating foods that are high in fiber help keep us full for longer. So, do make sure you're eating plenty of high fiber foods like fresh fruit, veggies, whole grain breads, cereals... beans... beans are a wonderful food ! eat more beans.

So, no more beatings, the beatings aren't productive. Give yourself credit for the positive things you do and try not to beat yourself up when you think you eat too much. Slow and easy really does win this race. And do make sure you're eating enough during the day. Try to space out your calories so that you aren't deprived by the evening. Do make sure you have snacks. Snacks are a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Now... deep breathes... you're going to be fine... you're not a pig. You're a normal human being.

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2/10/12 9:53 A


Are you eating enough during the day? Eating too little during the day has been shown to lead to evening/nighttime eating which in turn leads to a not so hungry morning. Adding in some protein and fiber to your afternoon snack as well as making sure you stay hydrated may help.

Coach Nancy

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2/10/12 9:52 A

Well, let's start with stopping the labeling yourself as a pig. Seriously? It's simply habit to eat when you walk in the door and nothing more than that. Put something else in it's place. Like going for a walk, or simply changing your clothes. Anything to break a habit begins with putting a better habit in its place.

2/10/12 9:47 A

Why is it that I can go all day and be right on track and then as soon as I hit home my ability to control my hand to mouth movement is completely gone? I try to have a snack around 4 pm, but some days it just isn't possible. Why does the pig in me come out at night??

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