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5/21/13 12:31 P

Are you tracking? Sometimes when I track I realize that I actually needed the calories when I eat a lot at night.

BETHS60 Posts: 570
5/20/13 11:29 P

Good job on figuring out what the issues are and coming up with a solution. And congratulations on your weight loss.


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5/20/13 1:46 P

Hey, Zahra !

I wonder if some of your evening munchies might be a result of not enough during the day. You might even incorporate a couple more snacks during the day so that you don't feel deprived later.

You might even want to try doing some yoga before you go to bed. The evening yoga class at my gym is packed. Maybe that will help you relax a bit more.

Do you read ? I do like reading before going to bed. I'm trying to avoid playing with my ipod. Every time I start a game of Angry Birds, I get hooked. Needless to say, I have to learn to put away the ipod. LOL !!!

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5/20/13 1:15 P

I'm binging in the evenings in fear of insomnia if I go to sleep hungry. My solution is to eat a light salad with no dressing at night before I fall asleep. That way I can curb the evening munchies.

To get motivated for exercise, I think I'll try new workouts that are more interesting, and maybe some calming yoga. I'm not going to let my fractured arm be an excuse.

I imagine I'm training for a marathon as an athlete and then I get motivated for more exercise.

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