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3/14/14 10:53 A

I often make my own in a reusable sandwich bag. It's more expensive upfront, but it lasts longer than the little packages and it saves me calories.

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3/14/14 10:12 A

You could either make your own version with unsalted/unglazed nuts and no-sugar-added dried fruit (its hard to find, but it does exist!) OR you could make some homemade breakfast sandwiches/wraps (toasted english muffin or wrap, a slice of cheese, an egg cooked in the microwave and a few slices of low sodium lunch meat (or a slice of bacon) and you have a quick sandwich/wrap on the go! you can even make a bunch a head of time, individually wrap and freeze, then take out a defrost in the microwave in the morning before you go!) OR you could make overnight oatmeal (google search for recipes--there's a ton! in a tupperware container can be eaten on the go, although its harder if your driving) OR PB and banana sandwiches are good on the go OR fruit smoothies (blended with greek yogurt, milk, and a little frozen fruit)

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3/13/14 4:46 P

The first thing I though when I saw your subject line was, "Well, it has an awful lot of sugar." The second was, "It's awfully expensive, too."

If you like it, I agree with the suggestion of making your own. Depnding on your personal preferences, you might add some high-fiber cereal, some soy nuts to cut the sweetness and ramp up the protein, etc. Come up with a mixture you like, spend twenty minutes one evening mixing it and putting it in little snack-size ziplocks, and you'll save about $6 on a 2-week supply and about half the sugar, as well.

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3/13/14 2:03 P

Make your own using nuts that are not glazed. And store them in little snack baggies.

You would still have sugar from the dried fruit, but it would be less. Since you are using unglazed walnuts and peanuts.

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3/13/14 1:59 P

I'm always struggling to find a quick, healthy, on the go breakfast. I bought Emerald Breakfast on the Go, it seems healthy, but it's got 9 grams of sugar. What are others opinions of this?

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