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7/6/14 1:12 A

Did the nurse tell you whether your calcium level was just over borderline high, or very high?

There are loads of reasons why this could be happening - even some diuretics can contribute to it because they can reduce the calcium going into your urine in which case it will be in your blood. I see that you have Kidney Disease - that is a possible common cause.

It sounds like they aren't too concerned, given you have had your thyroid and parathyroid scans, but I would be inclined to talk with your Dr.


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7/5/14 9:43 P

I finally called diabetes dr. for referral. They wanted me to see an ENT person. I did that 2 months ago. He is not concerned about my calcium levels because all my thyroid and parathyroid scans have not changed in 3 yrs. and my lab results are steady. Should I get a second opinion?

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6/17/14 10:50 P

Thanks everybody! I will check out websites. I recently did parathyroid scan , results normal. My thyroid has nodules though they have multiplied from2 to3 on each side they have shrunk by 1/2. Blood work for thyroid is normal. I will check with drs. Next week when the office is back to work.
I appreciate your help!

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6/17/14 1:05 P

It's definitely not a substitute for visiting your doctor, which is the most important step, but read this article:

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6/17/14 5:49 A

Hi Jan. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening so you really are best to talk with your Nurse Practitioner about what you may be able to do in the meantime.

It is *possible* that the Dr you are being referred to is an endocrinologist to check for, amongst other things, your parathyroid.

Until then, ensure that you weigh all of your food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker. Take some printouts with your to our appointments with all your medical providers because they could help them be better able to help you.

Good luck,

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6/16/14 10:24 A

Hello, Jan !

If you can't contact the doctor, I would go back to your nurse practitioner to ask them where to start. The Spark members are vey knowledgeable and very supportive. But none of us is in a position to give you any medical advice. You need to speak to your doctor or your diabetes nurse practitioner. Both are better suited to answer your questions.

For now, I found this very general information on the mayo clinic website.

When I did a search on elevated calcium, I did find a number of different articles. The dilemma is that the citations are linked to specific causes. Because we don't know why your calcium levels are elevated, we can't direct you to something more specific. Thus the need to seek a professional opinion over the

For now, try not to worry. Try to eat normally. Don't do anything without talking to your doctor/nurse first.

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6/16/14 10:00 A

I've recently been told my calcium is to high. My diabetes team nurse practitioner said they will be referring me to a dr. to deal with it. Her office is closed for the week. I am curious: is there anything I can do to lower it myself and what kind of dr. will they send me to? I already have eliminated milk & cheese products a lot. Everything in the US is fortified with calcium! I did find a multivitamin with no calcium but now it's not on the market.
I have been diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease years ago. I also have high blood pressure,slightly elevated cholesterol,obesity and a lot of other diseases. Please give me some place to start looking to help myself.

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