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WAPFROCKS Posts: 231
2/8/09 8:58 P

Only thing you can do is experiment. Try eating egg yolks with the whites. If you still have that problem then cut out the whites entirely. Whether it's an allergenic reaction or not it's obviously something you want to avoid experiencing.

2/8/09 8:46 P

are those common signs of an allergy though? it's liek this
i'll be hungry around 12, so ill have my lunch.
i'll be fine afterwards, but then around 3 i feel the bloat come on, and at night its the WORST. i feel puffy and gross and like i have to go to the bathroom but can't.
it stinks!

WAPFROCKS Posts: 231
2/8/09 8:20 P

Well, the majority of the nutrition in an egg is in the yolk, so it's very wasteful to just eat the white. And all in all it's not many calories, so there's no harm in eating a yolk. Plus, your body uses up nutrients to digest protein, nutrients usually found in the accompanying fat.

Try eating it with the yolk and see if you have the same problem.

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2/8/09 7:37 P

I eat eat whites about once a day and feel fantastic!

try taking a midol or something similar.

WISEONE24 Posts: 882
2/8/09 5:25 P

I eat 2 egg whites with a slice of 2% american cheese on whole grain bread and never have those problems. It is my favorite breakfast.

JULIEVIO21 Posts: 484
2/8/09 1:26 P

i cant eat eggs or milk becuase i dont like it and they make me sick to my stomach!!!

STACEYCAKES2 Posts: 1,715
2/8/09 1:24 P

i love egg whites...they are low cal and full of protein!

2/8/09 11:31 A

well, becky was right, BEANO didn't work.
i was fine ALL week, theni had the sandwich yesterday (stupid me!) and SAME problem.
could it be a possible food allergy to egg whites perhaps?
i'm so upset. i love egg white and parmesean cheese sandwiches!!!

2/2/09 3:56 P

I eat 2-4 egg whites a day with no gas problem. They're awesome for getting your protein level up while not having to worry about fat grams.

2/2/09 3:50 P

The beano probably will not work on the eggs.
It is designed to help with the breakdown of certain starches found in veggies, beans, some grains, etc.
Your egg whites are basically all protein.

2/2/09 3:33 P

i have also tried the egg white sandwich with laughing cow cheese, same problem. so i think it might be the egg whites that are binding me and causing some, unpleasant side affects.
i will try beano the next time i eat it.
but im not going to have the sandwich for a few days in order to clear up a bit!

SCRAPPER77 Posts: 283
2/2/09 10:51 A

Well, I had this flatuance issue a week or so ago with the start of healthy clean foods.

I did get beano, it helps with all foods. But you have to take it often

I recommend trying it

ABBYSMOM522 Posts: 104
2/2/09 10:23 A

I wonder if this could be an issue for me. I've been having this very same problem and I eat egg whites every day for breakfast. I have 2 egg whites on a whole wheat english muffin with a wedge of laughing cow cheese for breakfast every day. Hmmm...something to ponder.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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2/2/09 10:18 A

I thought beano just worked on vegetable products.

It sure doesn't help with lactose things.

I know my egg symptoms are very distinct from lactose intolerance and if I get carried away with things like tons of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc. on the same day.

In my body those are three different experiences, three different feelings - similar, but different.

JUNETWO68 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/2/09 2:51 A


2/1/09 10:53 P

I don't know if it really makes any difference or not, but I make it a point to not eat the same thing every day. I hit my first plateau when I was eating the exact same thing every day and since then, I've just been supersticious about it.

I write out menus for myself so I can see several different choices for breakfast lunch and dinner instead of just going with the first thing I think of.

SUNNY142 Posts: 369
2/1/09 9:51 P

I notice those symptoms when I eat eggs with the yolk.. I'm usually in the clear when eating only egg whites.

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (41,102)
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2/1/09 9:47 P

If you eat bread and parmesan throughout the week, then it may be the egg whites that are causing the problem. You just might be sensitive. If you don't eat the parmesan very often, then it more than likely could be a problem with the cheese.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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Posts: 16,790
2/1/09 9:29 P

I have that issue when I eat hard boiled eggs for some reason. Every single time. Sometimes I have it with eggs cooked other ways.

I agree with the poster who suggested eating one at at time and try to discover what the problem is.

I am lactose intolerant as well, and also have similar problems with dairy products - I can have limited amounts of some kinds of cheese, but some cheese is worse than others.

IRONMIKE7707 Posts: 247
2/1/09 9:17 P

Haven't noticed this personally. I rarely just eat egg whites though.

Food allergies often cause flatulence and stomach ache.

Does it happen with whole eggs too, or just when you eat the whites? Eggs have a protein; albumen is it? Something like that.

I suspect you arer allergic to that. I don't think there's a pill to compensate for it.

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JESSIEW84 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/09 9:12 P

I eat 3 egg whites like 4 times a week. I have yet to have an issue.

However, being lactose intollerant, eating any cheese will give me those, um, symptoms. Also, some wheat breads do that too (like clue why). Try eating the items individually, meaning just the bread one day, just the eggs another, and just the cheese another. That might help you narrow down which product is giving you the issue.

2/1/09 8:15 P

well i normally have 3 egg whites, not just one, and i was eating them every day.
i saw on a health article online that they were "binding" ingredients and can cause sulphur acid to orrcur-which supposedly causes the flatulence.
although this does make sense to me, my stomache hurts the worst (bloating, "backed up") on the weekends, which is when i normall yhave my 3egg white and parmesean cheese sandwich (only 1 Tbs)

2/1/09 7:55 P

i think splenda gives me gas bloating and just nasty ... feeling all over but im a splenda addict. i like to mix my eggbeaters with 1 egg. occasionally only.

2/1/09 7:43 P

No food is evil and taking laxatives more than occasionally is a bad idea as you can become dependent on them. Up your fiber intake. Make sure you're getting at least 25 grams per day, though more is better, and drink plenty of water. That's what will keep you regular. Also, cultured foods like yogurt, eaten on a regular basis, help keep your digestion healthy. If you need to speed things up, try prune juice, it has a natural laxative effect.

2/1/09 7:42 P

1 egg white should not cause bloating, gas, constipation. Regarding diet: These signs are usually associated a change in fiber intake, using specific artifically sweeteners called sugar alchols, swallowning too much air while eating or talking, not enough fluid intake, etc. Something along with line???
Becky, Your SP dietitian

2/1/09 7:33 P

i eat an egg white sandwich with parmesean cheese every day with whole wheat bread.
here i am thinking im doing a good thing, protein, low fat, etc.
then i hear egg whites are a common cause off gas/bloat/constipation.
which currently, i am suffering from.
how could egg whites betray me like this!
does anyone else have this problem? is there medication i can take? i LOVE these sandwiches!!

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