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5/23/13 8:17 P

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5/23/13 5:35 P

At that weight you are already within a normal healthy range for your height. So yes, it's possible you need to eat more to maintain your weight and maybe just don't have much anything else to lose.

5/23/13 5:25 P

Meal Replacements may be a good way to help supplement your diet. You could use a product like: slimfast, boost, ensure, breakfast drinks. There are also bars, cereals, and frozen meals, etc.

I also encourage you to be more accurate with your measuring and tracking over the next several weeks. If you are not losing weight on 1000 calories---then I would suggest a discussion with your doctor---maybe asking for a referral to see a Registered Dietitian.Something is not adding up.

Since you are a single mom, I am also wondering what you are feeding your children. I assume you are serving healthy meals with fruits and veggies----this would work for you too.


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5/23/13 2:55 P

It sounds like you need more healthy fats in your diet (very important for being able to absorb certain nutrients). Avocado, nuts, olive oil...make sure these are a daily part of your diet. They should also help boost your calories to 1200.

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5/23/13 2:50 P

well my goal of calories is 1200 but when I recently tracked I am usually under 1000. I honestly don't like to eat lol (sounds silly) I have an extremely busy life so meals are a constant struggle. I make the chicken and brown rice then throw it in the freezer. I don't measure food. I do plan on getting some fruit added into my daily diet. Its hard when its not in season- extremely expensive. I was considering meal replacement for days when I honestly have no time - for snack. See thats my problem - I don't snack I use to eat large breakfast and lunch because never had time for dinner (yes I know thats not good)
For me - the exercising is the easy part.

My weight is 120 5' - I just went to the doctors and got a blood workup to for thyroid etc.and everything is fine.

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5/23/13 2:34 P

I would suggest maybe a banana w/ a tablespoon of almond or peanut butter. It is full of goodness.

5/23/13 1:53 P

What is your weight?
What is your SP weight loss calorie range?
How many calories are you eating on most days?
Are you weighing and measuring all your food portions?
I see very few fruits and veggies listed?

If you make your nutrition tracker public, we may be able to give more helpful suggestions.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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5/23/13 1:03 P

When I originally started,I only needed to lose 10 lbs I was so busy with going to school fulltime, being a single mom and working a full time and a part time job that I gained weight! Figure the stress was the culprit! Anyways, I am not one to "enjoy eating". I found out a few years ago that I had gluten allergy which limits the diet A LOT.

8 weeks ago I started the Couch to 5K and have since gained 3 lbs with no decrease in inches
So now I need to lose 13 lbs - but I am having a hard time eating enough calories maybe? I feel like I am force feeding myself and its frustrating. I eat oatmeal in the morning, sometimes a granola bar, chicken & brown rice for lunch and dinner can be anything from salad with chicken to tilapia and veggies.

I do occassionaly splurge for gluten free bread & pasta but rarely eat it. Any snack suggestions?

13 lbs may not sound like a lot to some people but I am 5' and 13 lbs on me is like 25 lbs on a taller person.

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