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11/12/11 2:52 P

Eating out is hard. My last 2 meals out, I planned ahead based on the restaurant website, only to find that the items I'd chosen were no longer on the menu. Next time I plan to have a couple of options just in case.

If they have any grilled or baked fish, that would be better than fried. I'd skip the potato and see if they can give you a salad or green veggie instead. Depends on the restaurant, though. I find certain chains are better than others about this and a lot of the locally owned places here won't substitute stuff at all.

Good luck and just remember even if you blow it it's just one day.

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11/12/11 7:57 A

If I'm planning to eat out, sometimes I'll look at the nutrition information on the restaurant's website for healthier options. Sometimes I just go ahead and indulge, too, because eating out is a rare treat for me these days. You can also search foods on the Nutrition Tracker for a calorie estimate.

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11/11/11 10:20 A

Today is my husbands birthday and it is tradition that we eat dinner out. My concern is, I have done exceptionally well this week with counting every single calorie that has gone into my mouth, and quiet proud of it, and I know that I am going to blow it with a Friday Fish Fry. I am not sure how to find out the calorie count in 1 piece of fried cod, I could cut my baked potato in half and skip butter and sour cream. I know I will want cole slaw. How do I budget in this unknown amount of calories?

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