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11/18/11 9:48 A

Wow, you can gain more than a pound a day. 365 pounds a year. That's scary.

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11/18/11 9:44 A

It sounds like you may have an all or nothing approach to diet and exercise. It is not necessary to starve yourself and spend hours at the gym in order to lose weight and be healthy.

I think that in your case it might be better to not count calories for now...just focus on portion control. After you have portion control down then move on to cutting out junk so that you only have it on occasion. After that switch out food till you are eating plenty of fruits and veggies. If you do that while exercising (the key part is sticking to portion control and avoiding junk) you should start to see progress on the scale. Then if you hit a plateau you'll be in a good state of mind where calorie counting is less likely to kick in your all or nothing way of thinking and could be used to lose the rest of the weight. Make sure your goal weight is something that you'll be able to maintain by continued exercise and healthy eating.

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11/18/11 9:15 A

Well, it is unlikely you are eating a healthy diet if you are only consuming 800 calories/day--that's way below the recommended minimum (recommended not just by SP but by most reputable doctors and nutritionists) so I don't think you'll get much positive support for your choices.

You WILL lose weight if you eat enough to support life and your level of activity (that's not 6000 cal/day, either, obviously--but your body needed sustenance after your "diet" and took what it needed). Common sense--1200 cal MINIMUM (that's on a low level of activity). Use the SP trackers--plug in your stats, including realistic normal activity--and try it for at least 2 months: it could easily take that long for your abused body to sort itself out.

Unless you are a petitely built person, 8 stone is pretty low. I'd suggest getting a physical to make sure you haven't done yourself some harm with your over-exercising and under-eating.

I wish you success in a HEALTHY journey.

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11/18/11 9:12 A

My advice is to make changes to your diet and exercise program that you can live with for the rest of your life. That's the best way to lose weight and keep it off long term. Eating 800 calories per day is dangerous to your health, especially with how much exercise you're doing.

Unless you're training for an endurance event, you don't need to exercise for 2 hours a day. I'd recommend cardio exercise for 30-40 minutes, 4-5 days per week and strength training twice a week. Set your calories burned goal to reflect the amount of exercise you're doing and then you should be okay to eat in the calorie range SP suggests.

Eating so few calories and exercising so much isn't something you can keep up long term, which is why you're much more likely to binge and gain the weight back.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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11/18/11 7:35 A

well this is my story i went on a diet for 7 months did really well i got to 8 stone i was at thegym everyday for 2 hours doing cardio eating around 800 calories and burnin 700 at the gym but these past months ive been binging on 6000 calories a day and i now weigh 11stone 11lbs if i go backto eating 800 and the same exercise will i stgill looose weight ? imreally worriesd in case i dont loose weight ????

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