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9/19/13 1:16 P

okay thanx

i'll just go for exra veggies, then
thanx all

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9/19/13 10:16 A

go for what's natural

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/19/13 7:12 A

The problem with providing an answer is:

- your definition of 'clean' may not be mine
- your 'Asian" restaurant may be entirely different than what we have locally (definitely a North American version of 'supposed' Asian cuisine)

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9/19/13 2:13 A

Have you tried cabbage rolls and/or lettuce wraps?

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9/18/13 7:32 P

its been hard for me to avoid the rice and such and egg rolls. just lookin for ideas as certain carbs have a domino affect for me

QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 12,484
9/18/13 5:39 P

I love Thai restaurants and spring rolls are a good choice--the fresh ones, not fried! And I alway ask for extra vegetables and ask for brown rice.

Brick oven pizza restaurants have plenty of clean choices, lots of interesting vegetable combinations and nice salads. Don't ask for extra cheese!

I adore places like Qdoba's, Chipotle, BajaFresh. I can always get a good meal there and you can make it as clean as you want it to be. I always get the bowl instead of the burrito---that huge tortilla is probably about 400-500 calories just on its own---who needs it?

Sometimes I even duck into a WholeFoods and get something from their hot bar or salad bar, and some supermarkets have salad bars too. Again, you can make it as clean as you want.

Greek, Lebanese, Egyptian, or Any Middle Eastern restaurants are good choices as long as you stay away from the fried stuff. A salad, some whole wheat pita and humus, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli, and lentil soup--- all good choices.

And whatever you do, stay away from buffets of any kind! It's way too easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices and overdo it!

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9/18/13 4:53 P

Breakfasts (some combination of the following): omelets, fried/scrambled/hb eggs, turkey sausage, bacon, tomato slices, fresh fruit
Lunch/ Dinner (some combination of the following):
fish, shellfish, poultry, steak, pork (any cut, unbreaded, sauce on the side)
vegetables (non starchy, unbreaded)
pizza toppings on a salad
fajitas minus the tortillas

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9/18/13 4:22 P

Could you give a better idea of what you consider "clean".

Steamed veggies and rice are almost always available. If I know where I am going to eat before hand I usually look over the menu ahead of time (if possible) and then make a plan.

Since going gluten free I can't eat a lot of Asian foods since a lot of soy sauces have wheat in them, so I usually try to stick to sushi is available or vegetables.

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9/18/13 3:11 P

I always go with steamed meat and veggies - sauce on the side. That way, you can control how much you use. I skip the rice.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
9/18/13 2:46 P

I find asian restaurants to be amongst the easiest places to get decent food. Now, i'm not talking about the buffets, with 37 deep fried oversauced overgreased oversweetend options on the steam table, all to be piled high upon 2000 calorie's worth of mediocre chow mein. Those are kind of hopeless. But when in a decent restaurant with some actual "not-completely-westernized" options, it's pretty easy. Soup makes a great starter (or even a full meal - can't go wrong with pho), you can usually find fish or shellfish that hasn't been battered and fried, and there's always plenty of vegetable-oriented/vegetarian options... just go for the steamed or stir fried dishes and avoid the deep fried ones, and skip/eat-minimally on the starch (rice/noodles).

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
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9/18/13 2:22 P

what are tips n tricks that you guys use to eat somewhat clean at restaurants? especially asian restaurants?

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